September 20, 2022

The ACR Learning Network Update

Recruiting for Next Improvement Collaborative Participants

The ACR Learning Network has gotten off to a fast start, with teams at 22 facilities engaged in developing process maps, Pareto charts, smart goals and key drivers to set the stage for improvement in one or more of the four improvement collaborative areas: Lung Cancer Screening, Mammography Positioning, Prostate MR Image Quality and Recommendations Follow Up. Teams have proposed ideas for interventions to drive improvement and, in a number of cases, the ideas are already being tested.

Facility teams are hard at work to meet their established SMART Goals by November 14 — the formal conclusion date for the ImPower formal process improvement training program. At that point, the knowledge gained from cohort 1 teams will be transferred to the ACR Learning Network’s second cohort. Of course, cohort 1 teams can continue their collaborative improvement journey.

Recruiting for Second and Third Cohorts Now Underway

Application materials for facilities wanting to participate in the second or third cohort of the ACR Learning Network are now available with an application deadline of November 1 for cohort 2 participation. Applications received after this date will be reviewed and waitlisted for cohort 2 or considered for cohort 3 participation.

Apply by Nov. 1 to Join Cohort 2

Building on the foundational work completed by cohort 1 during the nine-month ImPower program, cohort 2 teams will continue the focused improvement work in a shorter, six-month ImPower program.

The ACR is pleased to offer continuing education credits for participation in the learning network’s ImPower program and, beginning with cohort 2, will also offer Performance Improvement Continuing Medical Education credits for carrying out an improvement project.

If you are attending the 2022 ACR Quality and Safety Conference in person, be sure to network with cohort 1 learning network participants who will be identified by a special ribbon. If you’re attending virtually, don’t miss the session, Participating in a National Quality Improvement Learning Collaborative, on Friday, October 21, for insight about participation benefits and requirements.