MIPS Qualified Clinical Data Registry 

The ACR National Radiology Data Registry (NRDR™) is a CMS-approved Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) for 2024. Ten QCDR measures spanning across two NRDR data registries and 8 additional licensed measures have been approved for inclusion in the QCDR, along with several MIPS measures.

QCDR participants may report a combination of QCDR measures and MIPS measures in order to fulfill reporting requirements for the Quality category. Participants may also use the QCDR to select activities for the Improvement Activities category.

The NRDR QCDR offers many important benefits to participants:

  • Report as either an individual or as a part of a group practice via the Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO)
  • Manage submission of MIPS (claims-based) and QCDR (registry-based) quality measure data as well as improvement activities to CMS using one interface
  • Get direct assistance with compiling data needed for quality improvement
  • Get feedback at least quarterly and on-demand via the MIPS portal
  • Physicians can review and select measures to report prior to the CMS submission deadline

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MIPS Deadlines

Jan. 31, 2024, is the deadline for users of the ACR QCDR to finalize data upload for the 2023 Merit-Based Incentive Payment System performance year. Reporting fees for MIPS will be billed the first week of January. Payment must be received before users are eligible to submit data to CMS. The deadline for finalizing payment and completing submission to CMS is March 31.

Users should review their measure data for accuracy and confirm their selections for Improvement Activities prior to submission. Once complete, users can review their MIPS preliminary score for 2023 to include Performance Improvement reweighting as well as small/rural practice status. The score will not include the Cost category, which is calculated and attributed by CMS after March 31.

How to Participate

ACR members: $199 per radiologist per year | Non-members: $1,299 per radiologist per year

Special Discounts for Group Reporting

  • MIPS-eligible other clinician: $199 per EC per year
  • Non-radiologist physician (not eligible for ACR membership)*: $550 per physician per year

*May be relevant for multi-specialty groups.

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How to Submit Data

Data for MIPS quality measures, improvement activities and promoting interoperability is handled through the NRDR MIPS participation portal.

Data submission for QCDR quality measures is covered in the relevant data registry documentation, provided below.

MIPS Measures

QCDR Measures

Improvement Activities

Submit data for MIPS quality measures using the following steps. Refer to our MIPS data submission overview for more information.

Submit data for QCDR measures using the relevant registry process:

Select your improvement activities using the MIPS portal.

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