ACR 2024 Annual Meeting Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting for Practice Parameters & Technical Standards

March 12 and 14, 2024
7 – 9:30 pm Eastern Time

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Registration Deadline – February 29, 2024

Virtual reference committee open hearings for the 2024 ACR® Practice Parameters and Technical Standards (PP&TS) will take place on March 12 and 14, from 7–9:30pm ET. This meeting is the last opportunity for all members to provide input on documents that will be voted on during ACR 2024 in Washington, DC.

The final draft PP&TS are available online for review via DOCS (login required). View the list of documents for each day with the following links - March 12 and March 14.

Background on the Virtual Meeting

In 2022, the ACR Council passed a resolution to make significant changes to the process for developing Practice Parameters and Technical Standards (PP&TS). These changes impact the member commenting period and the annual meeting approval process and will be implemented for PP&TS documents considered during ACR 2024.

Changes for the 2024 Cycle

  • Field Review, the public comment period for PP&TS, will take place in a single, seven-week cycle. All 2024 documents were available for comment, August 21 – October 6. This is the last opportunity to make changes during the review process.
  • Addition of a Virtual Meeting – The Council’s initial consideration of the PP&TS documents will move from the annual meeting in DC to a virtual meeting, approximately one month prior to the in-person annual meeting. Virtual Meetings will take place March 12 and 14, 2024 from 7–9:30pm Eastern Time.

For more information, review the PP-TS Work Group Report from ACR 2023 or the Bulletin article from August 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Virtual PP-TS Meeting

Why is there a virtual meeting prior to ACR 2024?

In 2022, the ACR Council passed a resolution to make significant changes to the process for developing and approving Practice Parameters and Technical Standards. The resolution requires that the Council’s initial consideration of the PP&TS documents take place in a virtual setting, at least three weeks prior to the in-person meeting. The virtual meeting offers members an opportunity to suggest final amendments to the PP&TS resolutions before the in-person Annual Meeting. Final vote for the resolutions will take place in April in Washington, DC.

Who can participate in the virtual meeting?

All ACR members can register for the virtual meeting to participate in open hearings on the Practice Parameters and Technical Standards up for approval.

Do I have to participate in both the virtual and in-person meetings?

No, you do not have to participate in both meetings, but it is strongly encouraged. Reference Committee open hearings for PP&TS resolutions will take place during the virtual meeting only. Policy resolutions and bylaws amendments will have open hearings during the in-person meeting in Washington, DC. Final voting on all resolutions will take place during the in-person meeting, on April 16.

Which PP-TS documents will be considered each day?

Day 1, March 12: Neuroradiology, Interventional, Breast, Nuclear Medicine - view list

Day 2, March 14: Body Imaging, Ultrasound, GSER, Pediatric - view list

How do I review the PP&TS documents for ACR 2024?

You can utilize ACR DOCS to review the documents up for approval. ACR login is required.

Through the system you can view the documents online or download a PDF.

Who can submit an amendment?

All ACR members can review the 2024 PP&TS resolutions and submit an amendment. Please utilize ACR DOCS to submit an amendment.

How do I submit an amendment?

To submit an amendment for the 2024 documents, please utilize ACR DOCS to access the Electronic Amendment Booth. If you submit an amendment via ACR DOCS, you must verbally present your amendment at open session on either March 12th or March 14th. Amendments that are only entered into the system, but not spoken to during the virtual meeting will not be considered by the Reference Committee.

What are the hours for the Electronic Amendment booth?

The Electronic Amendment Booth will open on March 7th for the virtual meeting. Amendments will only be accepted in the system for the PP&TS resolutions on the agenda for March 12th and 14th (resolutions 1-31, assigned to Reference Committees I and II).

The Electronic Amendment Booth will close following the virtual meeting and reopen in April for the in-person meeting, to accept amendments for all other resolutions.

Staff Hours for Assistance (via email to

  • Weekdays: 8:30am – 5pm ET
  • Weekend (March 9 and 10): 9am – 4pm ET

Will my amendment be considered by the Reference Committee?

All amendments spoken to verbally during the virtual meeting will be considered by the Reference Committee. Incorporating amendments will be up to the discretion of the Reference Committee in their closed session review.

How will I know which amendments were incorporated into the document by the Reference Committee?

The Reference Committee report will reflect any amendments that are incorporated into the documents as a result of accepting amendments offered during the virtual meeting.

When will the final draft documents (aka the Reference Committee final reports) be available?

The final draft versions of the PP&TS will be distributed to Council and co-sponsoring organizations at least one week prior to the in-person annual meeting.

When will the 2024 PP&TS documents be voted on?

The 2024 Practice Parameters and Technical Standards will be voted on by Councilors at the ACR Annual Meeting in Washington DC, on April 16th.

What action can be taken on PP&TS documents at ACR 2024?

Per the resolution passed by the Council,

  • The final draft version of the PP&TS will be presented to Council as a consent agenda. Persistent ACR member concerns may be resolved by extraction of an individual PP&TS by an ACR Councilor after a motion. Unextracted PP&TS will be passed with the consent agenda after a simple majority vote by Council.
  • An extracted PP&TS will go through the reconciliation process again for presentation at the next Annual Meeting unless Council determines, by a simple majority vote, that the PP&TS in question needs to be discussed at the current Annual Meeting due to the importance of having an active/updated PP&TS on the subject. 
  • Should an extracted PP&TS be determined to warrant discussion at the current Annual Meeting, standard parliamentary procedure states that any discussion point not previously brought up during the dedicated, virtual PP&TS meeting is out of order.
  • Extracted PP&TS will revert to the most recently approved version, until superseded by a newer version approved by Council.