Senior and/or Retired Section

SRS Mission

The mission of the Senior and/or Retired section is to enhance the experience of senior (over 65 and/or retired) members in the ACR by promoting fellowship and interaction amongst the members; communicating opportunities for continued professional involvement including mentorship, career transition and leadership training with other groups in the ACR; enhancing retirement opportunities such as service, financial planning, and recreation; and encouraging members to be ambassadors of the ACR to fellow physicians, health care organizations, and patients.

2022-2023 SRS Steering Committee

  • Joseph P. Imperato, MD, FACR – Chair 
  • Diana F. Guthaner, MD, FACR – Vice Chair
  • Ronald G. Evens, MD, FACR – Newsletter Editor
  • James A. Junker, MD, FACR – Webinar Chair
  • Andrew Berkow MD, FACR – Mentor Leader
  • Arnold C. Friedman, MD, FACR
  • Johnson Benjamin Lightfoote, MD, FACR – Mentor Leader
  • Kitt Shaffer, MD, PHD, FACR
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Recommended Short Books by Steve Leder: For You When I Am Gone (Features a great discussion of ethical wills) & The Beauty of What Remains: How Our Greatest Fear Becomes Our Greatest Gift

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