Senior and/or Retired Section

SRS Mission

The mission of the Senior and/or Retired section is to enhance the experience of senior (over 65 and/or retired) members in the ACR by promoting fellowship and interaction amongst the members; communicating opportunities for continued professional involvement including mentorship, career transition and leadership training with other groups in the ACR; enhancing retirement opportunities such as service, financial planning, and recreation; and encouraging members to be ambassadors of the ACR to fellow physicians, health care organizations, and patients.

The ACR formed the SRS in 2015. Chaired by Catherine Everett, MD, MBA the ACR SRS steering committee has established three workgroups to focus on:

  • Planning the ACR annual meeting SRS event(s)
  • Establishing an SRS web page
  • Developing a quarterly newsletter

SRS eNews

Read recent issues of the SRS News Update put together by the SRS Steering Committee here. If you are interested in contributing to this publication, please use this form to submit your content by May 3 for inclusion in the next issue. We look forward to representing your diverse experiences and interests through articles, poems and stories. You may also contact us at