Rutherford-Lavanty Fellowship in Government Relations

The J.T. Rutherford Fellowship, named in honor of the first ACR lobbyist, and renamed the Rutherford-Lavanty Fellowship in 2014, was founded to provide radiology residents direct exposure to ACR government relations activities.

The fellowship provides residents an understanding of state and federal legislative and regulatory processes and the ACR role therein. It also informs residents about governmental factors that play important roles in shaping the future of radiology. Second- and third-year residents preferred.

If your state chapter already has a fellowship program in place, please go through your state chapter instead of applying through the ACR.

This one-week program includes historical background on ACR congressional activities, exposure to the ACR Government Relations division and its relationship to the other activities of the ACR.

The fellow is involved in the following activities:

  • Learning about other ACR departments’ intricate role in our goal of working for the best interests of the profession
  • Meeting with members of Congress and their staffs
  • Attending fundraisers of our PAC
  • Meeting with representatives of federal regulatory agencies
  • Attending ACR meetings

How to Apply

We are now accepting interested candidates for the Rutherford-Lavanty Fellowship in Government Relations for 2022-2023 academic year.

Applications must be emailed to Edward Smith: by Friday, August 26, 2022. Candidates will be notified in late September 2022 of the status of their application.

Download application »

Current Fellows

Rutherford-Lavanty Fellows
Austin Fischer, DO, University of Florida Health-Jacksonville
Michael Lee, MD, University of Southern California Medical Center
Teresa Martin-Carreras, MD, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Robert Peng, MD, Montefiore Medical Center

State-Sponsored Rutherford-Lavanty Fellows
Jennifer Buckley, MD, University of Missouri Kansas City
Jesse Conyers, MD, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Alyssa Simeone, MD, Mount Auburn Hospital
Valeria Makeeva, MD, Emory University Hospital
Jessica Zhang, MD, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Past Fellows

Michael Johnson, MD
Elizabeth Levin, MD
Christopher Mutter, DO
Insun Chong, MD
Trilochan Hiremath, MD
Mark Wickre, MD

Kimberly Beavers, FL
Katrina Chu, MA
Daniel Ortiz, VA
Patrick Couture, TN
Nita Kommula, TX
Shivam Shah, NJ
Jason DiVito, GA
David Theriot, GA

Stephen Herrmann
David Gimarc
Christopher McAdams
Karan Patel
Gelareh Sadigh
Kimberly Weatherspoon

Nabila Hai
Jacqueline Angel
Ali Alikhani
Ben Morrissey
Amy Patel
Sean Raj

Christina Ferraro
Lisa Mabry
Paul Rotolo
Ivan DeQuesada
Evans Heithuas

Adeel Sidiqqui
Robert Mackey
Sadia Choudhery
McKinley Glover
Esther Udoji
Joseph Vavricek
Ryan Brady

Kurt Scherer
Ehatsham Ahmad
Deepa Sheth
James Morrison
Derrick Siebert
Justin Muhlenberg
Jeffrey Reiner
Wesley Angel

Bhavya Rehani
Alex Justin Lewis
Damon Shearer
Anil Chauhan
Morlie Wang
Anand Shah
Michael Jordan Ray

Samuel Almodovar-Reteguis
Stephen Chang
Madelene Lewis
Brendan McMenomy
Julie Moyers
David Paz
Alexis Smith

Gregory Frey
Pratima Karia
Jason Sharp
Pooja Voria
Catherine Vu
Peter Van Geertruyden

Pat Basu
Orlin Hadjiev
Arun Krishnaraj
Vanessa Wear

Anupam Basu
Joseph Beard
Thomas Carr
Hui J. Jenny Chen
Seth Kligerman
Julian Medina
Katherine Perrien Lursen

Sharon Lisa D'Souza
Joy Henningsen
Jennifer Nathan
Trishna Patel
Anthony Powell
Cameron Saber

Stuart Bentley-Hibbert
Sree Lalitha Degala
Alexander Fernandez
Christopher Hancock
Anna Adrienne Hansen
Amy Kirby
Sean Higginson

Seth Milliard Hardy
Ajay Sood
Patricio Rossi
Gregory Russo

Gregory Connor
Michael D'Angelo
Allison Grayev
Jennifer Ochsner

Jason Randall Bearden
Brian Samuel Englander
John Gustavsson*
Denise Reddy
Sabah-e-Noor Servaes
Scott Truhlar

Jonathan Schwartz
Robert Jeffrey Mahoney
James E. Faliszek
Douglas N. Hornsby

John Pappas
Kenneth Kurtz
Philip Piasecki

Peter Leider
J. Joseph Hewett
Jerome Puryear
Shireesha Reddy Carse
Ester van der Wal
Fah Sean Leong

Michael Ko
Chad Kelman
James Urso
Sufala Patil Sapers

Doug Beall
Victor Hu
Frank Prendergast
Ken Spero

Susan Balich
Tim Bernauer
Roxanne Lorans

Todd Hertzberg
Robert Reinhart
Laurie Sebastiano
Brad Snyder

Roger Eng, Jr.
Keith Kronemer

Richard Duszak, Jr.
Priscilla Slanetz




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