NRDR Data Access and Publications

ACR welcomes any and all requests for analysis using data from the NRDR. Applications for data use will be accepted from a wide variety of requestors including registry participants, non-registry participants, industry and governmental organizations.

Data Access and Publication Policy

The goal of the ACR National Radiology Data Registry (NRDR) is to develop evidence on the practice of radiology in order to improve the quality of patient care. One component of achieving this goal is to disseminate information on the status and changes in practice through careful research and publication in high quality and high impact venues.

In order to maintain the quality of the evidence disseminated and to ensure that the collected data are managed appropriately in the research process, all requests for data acquisition from NRDR are reviewed by the Data Request Review Panel. The Data Request Review Panel is composed of members from the NRDR staff, Registry Committee, and NRDR Steering Committee Chair.

Registry Committee Chairs

  • NRDR Steering Committee Chair: Margarita Zuley MD, FACR
  • CTC Registry Committee Chair: Courtney Moreno MD
  • DIR Committee Chair: William Sensakovic Ph.D
  • GRID Registry Committee Chair: Nadja Kadom MD
  • LCSR Committee Chair: Ella Kazerooni MD, FACR
  • NMD Committee Chair: Robert Rosenberg MD, FACR

NRDR Access Process

Requester(s) should complete the Data Request Form to the best of their ability to convey their rationale for acquiring data from the NRDR. This form is submitted electronically to the ACR and Data Request Review Panel.

It is highly recommended to attach additional information (e.g. list of data elements from the data dictionary, table specifications, and sample tables) to the data request. Requestors will be notified about the approval status of their request within one to three months depending on the complexity of the data request.

Data Analysis will be performed by ACR. Requestors will not have access to data for off-site analysis.

Approved Data Requests

View a complete list of Approved NRDR Data Requests