ACR Fellowships

ACR fellowships provide opportunities to experience vital activities of the College in the areas of government relations, economics and health policy, quality and safety, education, health services research, informatics, radiation oncology, medical physics and scholarly publishing.


Resident Fellowships

Fellowship in Quality and Safety

The Amis Fellowship in Quality and Safety provides an opportunity for residents or fellows to discover insights and gain experience with the ACR Department of Quality and Safety.

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Resident Travel Grant

The Goldberg-Reeder Travel Grant program awards grants to qualified residents seeking to assist health care in a developing country.
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Fellowship in Economics & Health Policy

The Moorefield Fellowship provides residents direct exposure to ACR economics activities during a two-week fellowship program.
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Fellowship in Government Relations

The Rutherford-Lavanty Fellowship exposes radiology residents to ACR government relations activities, including state and federal legislative and regulatory processes.
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Fellowship in Education

The Jackson Fellowship acquaints the fellow with the development processes of a wide range of lifelong learning activities for residents and practitioners.
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RLI Emerging Leader Award

The RLI Emerging Leader Award recognizes a resident or fellow who has made a significant contribution to their institution or the field of radiology while exhibiting the potential to be a leader in the field.
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Fellowship in Medical Physics

The Morin Fellowship provides medical physics residents or fellows direct exposure to the activities and functions of the ACR.
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Fellowship in Informatics

The Fellowship in Informatics provides residents and early-career professionals with direct exposure to current informatics initiatives at the ACR.

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Neiman Institute Fellowship

The Neiman Institute Fellowship’s purpose is to foster researchers who will help inform health policy and radiology practice that promotes the effective and efficient use of health care resources and improves patient care.
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Nonresident Fellowship

Fellowship in Scholarly Publishing

The Hillman Fellowship provides a concentrated experience in medical editing, journalism and publishing in support of talented physicians pursuing an aspect of medical journalism as a part of their careers.
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