Gold Medal Award

The ACR Gold Medal is awarded by the Board of Chancellors to an individual for distinguished and extraordinary service to the American College of Radiology or to the discipline of radiology.

Any member or fellow of the ACR may nominate a gold medalist. Nominees' professional contributions may be in teaching, basic research, clinical investigation or radiologic statesmanship, and must include outstanding achievements in service to the ACR, other medical societies, government agencies and quasi-medical organizations.

1927* W. D. Coolidge, PhD
1928* H. Clyde Snook
1931* Mme. Marie Curie
1931* C.C. Lauritsen, PhD
1933* Albert Soiland, MD
1941* W. Edward Chamberlain, MD
1951* Lowell S. Goin, MD
1952* George E. Pfahler, MD
1953* Arthur C. Christie, MD
1953* Edward H. Skinner, MD
1954* Benjamin H. Orndoff, MD
1954* William H. Stewart, MD
1955* Ira H. Lockwood, MD
1955* James T. Case, MD
1956* Eugene P. Pendergrass, MD
1956* Samuel W. Donaldson, MD
1957* Robert R. Newell, MD
1957* Hollis E. Potter, MD
1958* Ross Golden, MD
1958* W. Walter Wasson, MD
1959* LeRoy Sante, MD
1959* Robert S. Stone, MD
1959* Warren W. Furey, MD
1959* C. Edgar Virden, MD
1960* L. Henry Garland, MD
1960* Lawrence Reynolds, MD
1961* Vincent W. Archer, MD
1961* Leo G. Rigler, MD
1961* Earl E. Barth, MD
1962* Howard P. Doub, MD
1962* Arthur C. Singleton, MD
1963* Edith H. Quimby, Sc.D.
1963* Antoine Lacassagne, MD
1964* Bernard P. Widmann, MD
1965* Kenneth D.A. Allen, MD
1965* Wendell G. Scott, MD
1965*Lauriston S. Taylor, PhD
1966* Thomas B. Bond, MD
1966* Agustin Castellanos, MD
1966* William L. Thompson, MD
1967* Edwin C. Ernst Sr., MD
1967* Traian Leucutia, MD
1968* Wallace D. Buchanan, MD
1968* Russell H. Morgan, MD
1969* Juan A. del Regato, MD
1969* Richard H. Chamberlain, MD
1969* Philip J. Hodes, MD
1969* Theodore J. Wachowski, MD
1970* Andrew H. Dowdy, MD
1970* Laurence L. Robbins, MD
1970* H. Dabney Kerr, MD
1971* Harold O. Peterson, MD
1971* A. Bradley Soule, MD
1972* Howard B. Hunt, MD
1972* Earl R. Miller, MD
1972* Stanley M. Wyman, MD
1973* Maxwell H. Poppel, MD
1973* Fay H. Squire, MD
1974* William E. Allen Jr., MD
1974* Albert Jutras, MD
1974* J. Frank Walker, MD
1975* John Caffey, MD
1975* Edward B.D. Neuhauser, MD
1975* Arthur J. Present, MD
1976* Robert P. Barden, MD
1976* C. Allen Good, MD
1976* Harold O. Wyckoff, PhD
1977* Milton Elkin, MD
1977* Benjamin Felson, MD
1977* Robert W. McConnell, MD
1978* Harold G. Jacobson, MD
1978* Isadore Meschan, MD
1978* E. Dale Trout, D.Sc.
1979* Robert N. Cooley, MD
1979* E. Richard King, MD
1979* Robert E. Wise, MD
1980*John M. Dennis, MD
1980*R. Brian Holmes, MD
1980* Robert D. Moseley Jr., MD
1980* William C. Stronach, J.D.
1981* Henry S. Kaplan, MD
1981* Seymour F. Ochsner, MD
1982* Sidney W. Nelson, MD
1982*Paul A. Riemenschneider, MD
1982* John G. Trump, DSc
1983Luther W. Brady, MD
1983* Charles T. Dotter, MD
1983*William B. Seaman, MD
1984* Alice Ettinger, MD
1984* Gilbert H. Fletcher, MD
1984* Harold N. Schwinger, MD
1985* John A. Evans, MD
1985William R. Eyler, MD
1985* Juan M. Taveras, MD
1986* James H. Christie, MD
1986* Sir Godfrey N. Hounsfield
1986* Simon Kramer, MD
1986* Elias P.G. Theros, MD

1987* Melvin M. Figley, MD
1987* Byron G. Brogdon, MD
1987* Reynold F. Brown, MD
1988Kurt Amplatz, MD
1988*Joseph D. Calhoun, MD
1988* John S. Laughlin, PhD
1989* Gerald D. Dodd Jr., MD
1989* Kenneth L. Krabbenhoft, MD
1989* Jerome F. Wiot, MD
1990* Jack Edeiken, MD
1990* John A. Kirkpatrick Jr., MD
1990* William T. Moss, MD
1991* Thomas F. Meaney, MD
1991* Edward W. Webster, PhD
1992* Robert L. Egan, MD
1992Elliott C. Lasser, MD
1992* Robert D. Moreton, MD
1992* Jerome H. Shapiro, MD
1993* William E. Powers, MD
1993Lee F. Rogers, MD
1993* Rosalyn S. Yalow, PhD
1994* Cesare Gianturco, MD
1994* Jack S. Krohmer, PhD
1994* Edward B. Singleton, MD
1995* Theodore E. Keats, MD
1995Seymour H. Levitt, MD
1995Joseph A. Marasco Jr., MD
1996Gerald E. Hanks, MD
1996George R. Leopold, MD
1996John P. Tampas, MD
1997James D. Cox, MD
1997James M. Moorefield, MD
1997Carlos A. Perez, MD
1998Karl K. Wallace Jr., MD
1998* Sidney Wallace, MD
1999M. Paul Capp, MD
1999Alexander R. Margulis, MD
1999Herman D. Suit, MD
2000Murray L. Janower, MD
2000Theodore L. Phillips, MD
2000Emmett O. Templeton, MD
2001Ronald G. Evens, MD
2001John H. Harris Jr., MD, DSc.
2001* Robert G. Parker, MD
2002*Malcolm A. Bagshaw, MD
2002* Henry P. Pendergrass, MD
2002James A. Purdy, PhD
2002*John J. Curry
2003Samuel Hellman, MD
2003James E. Youker, MD
2003Otha Linton
2004Stanley Baum, MD
2004W. Max Cloud, MD
2004C. Douglas Maynard, MD
2004* H. Rodney Withers, MBBS, PhD, D.Sc.
2005Robert W. Holden, MD
2005Kay H. Vydareny, MD
2006Robert E. Campbell, MD
2006David C. Levin, MD
2006J. Frank Wilson, MD
2007E. Stephen Amis, Jr., MD
2007Sarah S. Donaldson, MD
2007Thomas S. Harle, MD
2008Lawrence W. Davis, MD
2008Eric J. Hall, BSc, MA, D Phil, DSc
2008Valerie P. Jackson, MD
2009James P. Borgstede, MD
2009William J. Casarella, MD
2009Robert R. Hattery, Jr., MD
2010William R. Hendee, PhD
2010* Isaac Sanders, MD
2010William T. Thorwarth, Jr., MD
2011Lawrence W. Bassett, MD
2011Leonard Berlin, MD
2011Arl Van Moore Jr., MD
2012William G. Bradley, Jr., MD
2012Milton J. Guiberteau, MD
2012Richard L. Morin, PhD
2013Richard T. Hoppe, MD
2013Lawrence R. Muroff, MD
2013* Harvey L. Neiman, MD
2014N. Reed Dunnick, MD
2014Carol M. Rumack, MD
2014James H. Thrall, MD
2015Carl R. Bogardus, Jr., MD
2016Walter J. Curran, Jr., MD
2016Lawrence P. Davis, MD
2016Charles D. Williams, MD
2017Bruce J. Hillman, MD, FACR
2017John A. Patti, MD, FACR
2017Jeffrey C. Weinreb, MD, FACR