Managed Care and Private Payer Issues

Resources to help ACR members deal effectively with managed care organizations. We evaluate trends in payer behavior and philosophy and educate payers, patients and hospitals about the value of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology in providing cost-effective medical care.

We are dedicated to working with private payers to achieve appropriate reimbursement for radiology and radiation oncology and to providing guidance on common coverage issues.

Developing a Radiology Advisory Committee

Get suggestions on how to develop a Radiology Advisory Committee to act as a liaison between the radiology community and payers to foster effective and valuable communication.
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Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

The ACR position on DBT is that it is no longer investigational. The College has assembled information to assist members in working with private payers to secure coverage of this important technology.
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IMRT is not a new technology, but is a new application of an existing technology (namely, external beam radiation therapy). We have provided detailed information supporting the use of IMRT.
ACR Practice Parameter for Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy

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