AIRP Courses Outside the USA

AIRP faculty travel the world to teach condensed radiologic pathology correlation courses to residents and practicing radiologists who cannot attend the four-week course in the United States. These courses provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of radiologic pathology.

Generally, AIRP lectures are added to the program of an existing meeting or conference and cover subspecialties and topics agreed upon by conference organizers and AIRP faculty. The addition of AIRP faculty and rad-path correlation lectures adds a new and unique learning experience for radiologists and technologists.

AIRP courses will be held in conjunction with the following international societies in 2022 and 2023:

Non-U.S. Course Calendar

    Verein zur Förderung der internationalen Fortbildung und Zusammenarbeit in der Radiologie (RadPath - Vienna)
Vienna, Austria
June 8-11, 2022
Course Organizers: Drs. Fischer, Novotny and Ubl (Austria); Dr. Mark D. Murphey (USA)
  European Society of Radiology and European Congress of Radiology
Vienna, Austria
July 13–17, 2022
AIRP representative: Mr. Don Hatley

Curso de Atualizacao em Imagem da SPR - Prof Feres Secaf organized by the Radiological and Diagnostic Imaging Society of Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo, Brazil (Virtual)
August 18-21, 2022
Course Organizers: Dr. Mauro Brandao, Dr. Antonio Rocha, and Dr. Gustavo Kalaf (Brazil); Dr. Mark D. Murphey (USA)

Sociedad Argentina de Radiologia
Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 22-24, 2022
Course Organizers: Dr. Daniel Mysler (Argentina) and Dr. Mark D. Murphey (USA)
  Journées Françaises de Radiologie — Société Française de Radiologie
Paris, France (Virtual)
October 7-10, 2022
Course Organizers: Dr. Eric De Kerviler (France), Dr. Mark D. Murphey (USA)

Radiologic Society of Saudi Arabia
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
October 15-17, 2022
Course Organizers: Dr. Lamia Jamjoom (Saudi Arabia), Dr. Mark D. Murphey (USA)
  Sociedade Portuguesa de Radiologia e Medicina Nuclear
Porto, Portugal
November 10-12, 2022
Course Organizers: Dr. Antonio Madureira (Portugal) and Dr. Mark D. Murphey (USA) 

Three-day Rad-Path Categorical Course
Chennai, India
TBD 2022
Registration: Dr. Vijayashree Saravanan at
Course Organizers: Dr. Saravanan Munusamy (India), Dr. Mark D. Murphey (USA)
  Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR)
Montréal, Canada
April 27-30, 2023 
Course Organizers: Dr. Michael Patlas (CAR) Dr. Mark D. Murphey (USA)

Asociacion Colombiana de Radiologia
Cartagena, Colombia
May 2023
Course Organizers: Dr. Micaela Arrieta (Colombia), Mark D. Murphey (USA)
  Hong Kong College of Radiologists (HKCR)
Hong Kong
May 26–28, 2023
Course Organizers: Drs. William WL Poon and Lilian Leong (Hong Kong), Dr. Mark D. Murphey (USA)