DXIT™ and TXIT™ In-Training Exams

In keeping with the commitment to serve our Members-in-Training and their highly respected residency programs, the ACR is now offering your residents the option for remote, virtual, in-training testing for DXIT™ and TXIT™. Both of the in-training exams will be offered online using the Prometric ProProctor virtual procotoring service to provide secure procotored exams with 3rd party psychometric evaluation for accurate bench-marking.

Fulfill your Training Program ACGME requirements for summative assessment using the DXIT and TXIT In-Training Exams:

Evaluate your program and residents

  • Evaluate your program using national benchmarking with over 280 national and international training programs participating
    in DXIT and TXIT.
  • Benchmark individual resident scores for all residency levels.

Identify areas of deficiency

  • Offer residents an opportunity to evaluate their knowledge and to identify areas of deficiency relative to peers at the
    same level of training.

Provide secure and accurate evaluations

  • Use 3rd party psychometric evaluation of data for optimally accurate benchmarking. 
  • Ensure secure test data via proctored testing.
  • Prevent question sharing with new exams created each year through use of multiple equalized forms.

Prepare for exam and remediation

  • Offer residents an opportunity for maximizing testing prep with DXIT item questions including annotated references and rationales. 

Count on over 30 years of experience

  • Trust in an exam existing for over 30 years
  • Created by esteemed experts in the radiology subspecialties.



The Exams are scheduled annually in January (DXIT) and March (TXIT) to first- through fourth-year residents, as well as those in fellowships.

Sets of exam items, keys, annotated references and rationales are available on the ACR website, for a period of time (https://www.acr.org/Lifelong-Learning-and-CME/Learning-Activities/In-Training-Exams ). These items and keys can be used in an instructional manner, such as in follow-up discussions or meetings with residents regarding their assessments.

Attention Program Directors
Please update your program and resident information
in the Annual Training Program Update (ATPU) System.  Be sure to report all new residents and any transfers; the names of graduates will be removed in January. Please email membership@acr.org or atpu@acr.org should you have any questions about the ATPU System.

Please provide the full, legal names of each resident participating in the DXIT Exam. The resident name must match their valid, government-issued Identification when checking-in on their schedule exam day.

Questions? Contact intrainingexam@acr.org

Diagnostic Radiology In-Training (DXIT™)

 IMPORTANT First Steps to do NOW:

Starting in January 2019, DXIT and RadExam will be offered as a residency training program package. Residents whose sites have not registered or paid for the ACR 2020 DXIT Exam will no longer have new exams scheduled to their account. Program Directors and Coordinators will continue to have access to previous exam data.

Starting July 1, 2019 please follow all of the steps below, for access to DXIT and RadExam

  1. Prior to purchasing the training program package (DXIT and RadExam), please update the ATPU System with your new and transferred residents. The ATPU System can be accessed at: https://atpu.acr.org/  or from the current Dashboard at https://onlineregistration.acr.org/intrainingexam . Please provide full, legal name of residents participating in the DXIT™ Exam; residents will be turned away on their scheduled exam day if their valid ID does not match name on Roster.

    IMPORTANT: If a ‘duplicate record’ message appears in the ATPU System, please contact ACR Membership to resolve this issue. Until it is resolved, that resident name cannot be registered. Please contact the membership department at 1-800-347-7748 or membership@acr.org

  2. Once you’ve completed updating the ATPU System, please log-on to the Dashboard (https://onlineregistration.acr.org/intrainingexam ) and create an Order for the DXIT / RadExam 2020 Training Package.
    NOTE: RadExam requires a processed payment before residents can have access.

    IMPORTANT: Payment can be completed either by credit card on the Dashboard, or by invoice and mailing a company check. If making payment by check, please allow 7-10 business days once we receive your check for processing, made payable to ACR. Also, please reference your 4-digit Site number, RadExam or DXIT, or the ACR Order number that is on the Dashboard; providing this information will definitely help in expediting the payment process. A Registration Payment Form is available, which includes the mailing address for your payment.

  3. After purchasing the product, select the residents for the order. Resident names will be available on the selection list if the names have been updated in the ATPU System.
    NOTE: This registration will not provide access for RadExam – RadExam is dependent upon the payment processing. 

    Additional information is available in the FAQ document located on the Dashboard, which includes detailed instructions, or contact intrainingexam@acr.org.

The DXIT Exam is administered by computer at Testing Centers around the world. For security purposes, multiple versions of the exam are administered to residents.

The DXIT Exam window is January 4-29, 2021
 Location Cost
USA and Canada
$220 USD
Mexico and Latin America
$305 USD
$325 USD
APAC and Japan  $325 USD 

Radiation Oncology In-Training Exam (TXIT™) 

The ACR 2021 TXIT Exam is scheduled for March 4, 2021. The ACR 2021 TXIT Exam is computer-based and will be administered through Prometric. 

USA $275 USD
International $550 USD


For questions about the online ATPU process, please call the ACR Membership Services Department at (800) 347-7748, or e-mail membership@acr.org or atpu@acr.org.

For questions regarding the ACR In-Training Exams, please email intrainingexam@acr.org.