Thyroid Imaging Reporting & Data System (TI-RADS™) 

TIRADSthyroid_320Thyroid nodules are exceedingly common, leading to costly interventions for many lesions that ultimately prove benign.

In response, ACR committees were formed to accomplish three goals:

  1. Develop management guidelines for nodules that are discovered incidentally on CT, MRI, PET or ultrasound
  2. Produce a lexicon to describe all thyroid nodules on sonography
  3. Develop a standardized TI-RADS risk-stratification system based on the lexicon to inform practitioners about which nodules warrant biopsy

The final phase was completed in spring 2017 with the publication of ACR TI-RADS (see below). This page provides links to material to help practices get started with ACR TI-RADS or improve their existing workflow and interpretation of thyroid sonograms.

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Training and Educational Resources

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