ACR MSS Subcommittee Descriptions

MSS Subcommittees are comprised of 8-10 medical student or transitional year members who are appointed for a one-year term. Subcommittees should meet regularly (at a minimum quarterly) and are responsible for reviewing their relevant content on and coordinating with staff to update and/or remove outdated material. 

Note: Applicants for all positions must be an active ACR member and classified as a Member-in-Training Medical Student or Transitional Year Member for the duration of the term in which they will serve. Additional eligibility requirements for select positions are included in the Position Descriptions below. Terms for incoming positions begin on June 1st and end on May 31st.

Medical Student Section Subcommittees

Communications Subcommittee

MSS Communications Liaison serves as Chair. The Communications Subcommittee supports staff in promoting MSS events and activities, maintains the Radiology Interest Group (RIG) database, and coordinates communication efforts with RIGs across the U.S. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Subcommittee

MSS DEI Liaison serves as Chair. The DEI Subcommittee works to increase awareness and recognition of the value created by diversity in radiology to medical students and makes recommendations for programs and/or content that promotes and advances diversity, inclusion, and equity in the field of radiology.

Education Subcommittee

MSS Education Liaison serves as Chair. The Education Subcommittee develops and oversees all MSS educational programming, makes recommendations for additional programs and/or content with the goal of expanding understanding of the practice of radiology. Subcommittee members coordinate with staff on program implementation.

Health Innovation and Technology Subcommittee

MSS Health Innovation and Technology Liaison serves as Chair. The Health Innovation and Technology Subcommittee develops and/or promotes content about the advancements in medical imaging technologies including, but not limited to, artificial and augmented intelligence, augmented and virtual reality combined with 3D imaging, and new approaches to nuclear imaging.

Humanities and Bioethics Subcommittee

MSS Humanities and Bioethics Liaison serves as Chair. The Humanities and Bioethics Subcommittee develops content and programming to highlight the interdisciplinary field of medicine and the links between medical humanities and health and social care disciplines within the arts and humanities and makes recommendations for programs and/or content that promotes and advances in this field as it relates to radiology..

Pre-Radiology Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN)

MSS Secretary serves as Chair. The Pre-Radiology RAN subcommittee advocates for the interests of radiologists at local, state, and national levels and educates medical students regarding legislative and regulatory developments. The subcommittee also encourages medical students to attend their ACR state chapter meetings, assists with the planning and implementation of calls to action, letters to legislators, fundraisers, etc., and actively engage with social media posts and emails from the ACR RAN.