Call for Well-Being Case Study Ideas

The American College of Radiology invites health system leaders, department chairs, and practice leaders to submit an idea for a case study related to well-being in radiology.

Leaders like you look out for your team. You listen to your colleagues. You recognize and help your team become the physicians they want to be. You are the first line of defense against burnout.

The ACR asked radiologists to answer the question “What prevents you from being the physician you want to be?” The majority responded with comments related to:

  1. workload and pressure related to meeting the rapid pace of work or the transactional nature of the environment and
  2. a lack of balance and support at work, including increasing administrative tasks and not enough time off to support appropriate work-life integration or, for example, to learn about new technology/techniques.

If you or someone you know has made a change in your department or practice to improve one of the above aspects of well-being, we would like to hear about it.

Check out our growing collection of case studies.

Submission requirements:

  1. Contact information for the individual who has knowledge of or who implemented the change/improvements.
  2. Identification of which element (workload or balance and support) is demonstrated in the improvement or change.
  3. Brief description of the improvement/change.

Submit Your Case Idea

After receipt of your submission, ACR staff will contact the identified person to schedule an interview. The submitter may, but will not be required to, write any content but will have an opportunity to review the finalized case study for accuracy prior to publication. Final case studies will be published on the ACR website as demonstrations of what can be done to help reduce burnout.

Join the movement to help cultivate a culture of well-being in radiology.