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The purpose of the Indiana Radiological Society is to improve diagnostic, therapeutic radiologic and radiation oncologic services in the state of Indiana. This goal is accomplished by encouraging education for those involved in imaging, imaging guide therapy and radiation oncology, and by establishing standards of practice in conjunction with the American College of Radiology.

In addition, we improve the quality of service of radiology and radiation oncology by studying the economic aspects of these practices.


  • During the Indiana State Legislative session, the society produces a periodic legislative newsletter, the "Indiana Radiological Society Legislative Update."
  • The Indiana Radiological Society supports distribution of the Indiana Radiology Business Managers Association newsletters to Radiological Society members.
  • Letters from society officers to members, via mail and e-mail, are periodically distributed when important developments occur.
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Kay Williams
Executive Director 
Chapter Website

322 Canal Walk 
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 261-2060 
Fax: (317) 261-2076


Marc P Underhill, MD


Matthew Ryan Wanner, MD

President Elect

Jordan K Swensson, MD


Colleen Marie Madden, MD


Lauren Michelle Ladd, MD

Immediate Past President

Kay Williams

Executive Director


Jeffrey W Dunkle, MD

Councilor 2nd Term

Richard B Gunderman, MD, PhD, FACR

Councilor 1st Term

Suzanne M Hand, MD

Councilor 1st Term

Charles Corwin Mulry, MD

Councilor 1st Term

Bilal Tahir, MD

Councilor 1st Term

Marc P Underhill, MD

Councilor 1st Term

Alternate Councilors

James Christian Wehrenberg, MD, FACR

Alternate Councilor

Committees of the Indiana Radiological Society

John Depersio, MD, FACR Chair
Lee Hoagland, MD
Scott R. Miller, MD, FACR
Helen Winer-Muram, MD, FACR
Jeffrey W. Dunkle, MD

Himanshu Shah, MD, FACR Chair
Scott Miller, MD, FACR
Peter Garrett, MD, FACR
Valeri Goutsouliak, MD
Lee Hoagland, MD

Bryan Hankins, MD Rad CAC Representative & Chair
Himanshu Shah, MD Rad Alternate CAC Representative
Ken Kopecky, MD, FACR Rad Alternate CAC Representative
Dan Wertman, MD IRP, CAC Representative
Rita McFarland COO, IRP, CAC Representative
Karen Roy IRBMA CAC Representative

E. Michael Harned, MD Chair
John DePersio, MD, FACR
Shawn Teague, MD
John Knote, MD, FACR
Michael McCrea, MD
Daniel Whitehead, MD, FACR
Helen Winer-Muram, MD, FACR
Thomas Sarosi, MD, FACR
Ken Kopecky, MD, FACR
Terri Samuel, MD
Stacy Rissing, MD
Karen Shacklette, IRBMA
Deb Overcash, COO, IRBMA
Jeff Dunkle, MD, Grassroots Liaison
Samir Patel, MD, RADPAC

Suzanne Hand, MD Chair
Todd Mitchell, MD

Susan Hand, MD as Chapter Secretary
E. Michael Harned, MD
Valeri Goutsouliak, MD
Samir Patel, MD

Matt Crosby, MD
Amit Rattan, MD
Nathan Smith, MD

Lee Hoagland, MD Chair
Todd Mitchell, MD

Deb Overcash, COO, President

Steve Cohen, RT(R), ASRT, ISRT President/Liaison
Patricia Cohen, RT(R), President-Elect

Shawn TeagueMD Chapter President-Elect

Past Presidents

1928 – R.C. Beeler, MD
1929 – H.J. Pierce, MD
1930 – A.C. Holley, MD
1931 – L.A. Smith, MD
1932 – L.F. Fisher, MD
1933 – Ralph Lochry, MD
1934 – W.R. Cleveland, MD
1935 – D.C. McClelland, MD
1936 – E.M. VanBuskirk, MD
1937 – J.N. Collins, MD
1938 – Stanley A. Clark, MD
1939 – Juan Rodaiguez, MD
1940 – Herbert Inlow, MD
1941 – Charles Wyeth, MD
1942 – Chester Stayton, MD
1943 – Wemple Dodds, MD
1944 – Earl B. Jewell, MD
1945 – B.W. Stocking, MD
1946 – L.G. Ericksen, MD
1947 – Harold C. Ochsner, MD
1948 – Arthur P. Echternacht, MD
1949 – Clifford C. Taylor, MD
1950 – K.L. Olson, MD
1951 – L.A. Malone, MD
1952 – M.J. Thornton, MD
1953 – J.A. Campbell, MD
1954 – C.H. Warfield, MD
1955 – John A. Robb, MD
1956 – W.M. Loehr, MD
1957 – A.A. Hobbs, MD
1958 – W.D. Buchanan, MD
1959 – J.R. Lionberger, MD
1960 – C.A. Stayton, MD
1961 – J.W. Beeler, MD
1962 – Jack L. Loudermilk, MD
1963 – W.G. Hunsberger, MD
1964 – Joseph Weber, MD
1965 – L.C. Bixler, MD
1966 – William J. Stangle, MD
1967 – Richard A. Silver, MD
1968 – John A. Robb, MD
1969 – Robert E. Beck, MD
1970 – Marvin Golper, MD
1971 – Donald Taylor, MD
1972 – Dale B. Parshall, MD

1973 – James G. Lorman, MD
1974 – L. Ray Stewart, MD
1975 – David C. Gastineau, MD
1976 – Roscoe E. Miller, MD
1977 – Edwin F. Koch, Jr, MD
1978 – William J. Miller, MD
1979 – Edmund A. Franken, MD
1980 – John Knote, MD
1981 – Gerald J. Kurlander, MD
1982 – John C. Spellmeyer, MD
1983 – Patrick A. Dolan, MD
1984 – Robert W. Holden, MD
1985 – Donald Chamberlain, MD
1986 – Donald R. Sugarman, MD
1987 – Richard Pitman, MD
1988 – David B. Goldenberg, MD
1989 – Daniel R. Elliott, MD
1990 – Thomas P. Glynn, MD
1991 – Gonzalo T. Chua, MD
1992 – Edward C. Wheeler, MD
1993 – Jerry L. Kight, MD
1994 – Robert D. Tarver, MD
1995 – Michael A. Kinzer, MD
1996 – Newell Pugh, MD
1997 – Greg Dickerson, MD
1998 – Stephan Stockberger, MD
1999 – Stephan Stockberger, MD
2000 – Jeffrey Bessette, MD
2001 – Kenyon Kopecky, MD
2002 – Marc Thomas, MD
2003 – Scott Miller, MD
2004 – Barbara Taylor, MD
2005 – Valerie Jackson, MD
2006 – James Wehrenberg, MD
2007 – John DePersio, MD
2008 – Kimberly Applegate, MD
2009 – Lee Hoagland, MD
2010 – Helen Winer-Muram, MD
2011 – Jeffrey Dunkle, MD
2012 – Bryan Hankins, MD
2013 – Shawn Teague, MD, FACR
2014 – Suzanne Hand, MD
2015– Richard Gunderman, MD, FACR
2016– Bilal Tahir, MD

Chapter Awards

Division C
Award for Excellence in Quality & Safety
Division C
Award for Excellence in Quality and Safety
Division C
Award for Excellence in Quality and Safety
Division C
Award for Excellence in Government Relations
Division C
Award for Excellence in Communications
Division C
Award for Excellence in Government Relations

IRS Gold Medal Recipients


John W. Beeler, M.D., FACR
Roscoe E. Miller, M.D.
Patrick A. Dolan, M.D., FACR
John A. Campbell, M.D., FACR
Eugene C. Klatte, M.D., FACR
L. Ray Stewart, M.D., FACR


Robert W. Holden, M.D., FACR
John A. Knote, M.D., FACR
David C. Gastineau, M.D., FACR


Gonzalo T. Chua, M.D., FACR
Valerie P. Jackson, M.D., FACR


Huen Yune, M.D., FACR


Newell O. Pugh, Jr, M.D., FACR


Robert D. Tarver, M.D., FACR


Gerald J. Kurlander, M.D., FACR


Dean D. Maglinte, M.D., FACR


Kenyon K. Kopecky, MD, FACR


John S. Kent IV, MS, FACR


Kimberly E. Applegate, MD, MS, FACR

The Indiana Radiological Society is composed of more than 450 physicians practicing diagnostic radiology and radiation oncology within the state of Indiana.

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