Impact In Leadership Award

The RLI Impact in Leadership Award recognizes an individual whose participation in an RLI course or program was integral to the successful completion of a specific project or initiative at the individual’s practice or institution.

The application process is now closed.

The Impact in Leadership Award application will open in early 2023.

Award Criteria

Candidates must have demonstrated:

  • A specific and noteworthy contribution or initiative to improve and enhance their department or practice; documentation of steps taken and outcomes achieved.
  • Knowledge and leadership skills that were gained from participating in RLI programming that were integral to the success of their project or initiative. Reflect on the lesson received from the RLI course/program and explain in detail how the specific course/skill learned was applied to the contribution/initiative. For example, “participating in the webinar on strategic planning helped me successfully take my group in a new direction” or “I created a new program to prevent burnout after attending the ACR-RBMA Practice Leaders Forum,” etc.

*Please note that current RLI Board members are ineligible for this award.


Professionals working in the field of radiology are eligible if they:

  • Are a current ACR member
  • Are post-training
  • Have participated in at least one or more RLI programs
  • Can document the award criteria listed above


Awardees will receive:

  • Complimentary registration for the RLI Summit
  • Recognition at the RLI Summit Awards Dinner
  • Recognition in ACR publication

Application Requirements

All submissions are required to include:

  1. A completed project description from the candidate that describes the following (maximum 3 pages):
    • Discuss how the RLI experience enabled you to successfully pursue your project (provide as much detail as possible)
    • What specific skills and knowledge were gained from that RLI experience and how they were put into practice
    • A detailed description of the specific project or initiative and associated outcomes documenting noteworthy enhancements or improvements to the practice or institution
  2. One (1) letter of recommendation from someone who is familiar with or benefited from the initiative. Due to potential conflict of interests, current members of the RLI Board cannot write letters of recommendation for this award.
  3. Current CV

The Application Process is Now Closed

The Impact in Leadership Award application will open in early 2023.

Congratulations 2022 Award Recipients (Institutions and titles are current at the time of the award)

Vivek Masson, MD, DABR

System Chairman of Radiology | CarePoint Health
Link to Leadership Project »

Andrew Moriarity, MD

Vice President of Clinical Operations | Advanced Radiology Services
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