Communication Curriculum

An experiential exercise in patient- and family-centered care

In the new world of patient-centered and value-based care, the much-awaited communication curriculum from the ACR is now available, offering the tools you need to educate your trainees or audience to communicate with patients, families, and physicians.

The formalized curriculum at your fingertips includes:

  • Essential elements of communication
  • Simulated patient/doctor scenarios (live simulation instructions and prerecorded video)
  • Kalamazoo communication skills assessment tool for radiology
  • Real patient experiences and letters
  • Scenario-based educational sessions

You may customize the tools below for your trainees or audience — or use the materials as is — to help them practice what they learn and sharpen their skills.

Educators' Visual Learning Toolkit

Educators' Toolkit for Visual Learning

These materials could be of use to any member who delivers presentations and does both formal and informal teaching as they learn to become the educators of the future.

Access the toolkit