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The mission of the ACR Foundation is to advance the profession and practice of radiology to benefit patients with specific emphasis on health policy research. Health Policy Research donations primarily support the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute®. 

About ACRF

Have you given thought as to how your profession will be protected in the ever-changing landscape of health care delivery and payment systems? Without credible, evidence-based research, we cannot effectively inform policy that supports the value of radiology in the evolving team-based health care model. This research is increasingly important as government and private payer insurer scrutiny intensifies on health care value, costs, utilization and reimbursement.

Health policy research through the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute® fills the critical need to provide radiologists and policy makers with the data and tools that guide informed healthcare decisions and lead to increased access to quality care, better outcomes, fair payment and improved population health management.

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Health Policy Research

The ACR Foundation’s focus on health policy research aims to:

  • Demonstrate the critical role that radiologists have in team-based health care
  • Prioritize research opportunities to positively influence policies that impact clinical care
  • Develop empirical evidence that clarifies the role and value of radiology in evolving practice models to guide policymakers and payers in allocating resources to the most valuable patient care services
  • Evaluate and demonstrate the important role that early detection of disease plays in managing population health

Health policy research performed through the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute® provides the data and tools that accurately inform reimbursement decisions and positively impact patient outcomes. To date, the ACRF has successfully raised over $1 million for health policy research and the Harvey L. Neiman HPI.

Key accomplishments of the Harvey L. Neiman HPI include:

  • Forming partnerships:
    • Expanding the Clinical Effectiveness and Outcomes Research program at Northwell Health, Inc. to determine the value of medical imaging by effectively delivering high-quality, low-cost care.
    • Established the Health Economics and Analytics Lab (HEAL) at GA Tech.
  • Empowering researchers and investigators:
    • Neiman Institute grants have supported 50 investigators from 45 academic institutions, resulting in 90 peer-reviewed papers published online or in print.
  • Innovating data collection, analysis and access to data:
    • 8 terabytes of public and private claims data covering over 50 million lives and billions of individual medical claims.
    • Proprietary data tools to enable effective use of data:
      • Neiman Almanac
      • Breast Screening Bundle Tool
      • Inpatient Cost Evaluation Tool (ICE-T)

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Radiology Leadership Institute

The Radiology Leadership Institute is a program developed to help radiology professionals acquire the knowledge and skills to lead and manage in the rapidly changing health care marketplace. The American College of Radiology recognized the growing need for standardized leadership development in the increasingly dynamic health care environment. The RLI meets this leadership training need with a robust curriculum relevant to all levels of radiology experience.

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