Regulatory Issues

Federal regulatory and research agencies can have a profound impact on radiology practice and the future of medicine. As with our economics and legislative efforts, the ACR is equally committed to representing and communicating radiologists’ interests to all policymakers throughout the executive branch of government.

Radiation Safety, Drugs and Devices

The ACR ensures the voice of radiology is heard as policies, guidance and/or rules are implemented and maintained related to radiation protection, use and availability of medical isotopes, and oversight of drugs and devices.

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Digital Health Policy

Research Policy

The federal government is the major funding source of medical research and the training of our physician workforce. ACR advocates for federal funding of imaging and related research, and for the academic and research policies that benefit our profession and the patients we serve.

ACR participates in NIH advocacy coalitions, provides input to Congress regarding federal agency funding and oversight, and informs members about national research priorities and policies.

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Other Resources

The ACR actively monitors virtually every federal agency to ensure our members are represented and informed. We handle various topics that have a profound impact on our membership, including population health, screening, government transparency, occupational/workplace environment, and patient access topics.

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RADPAC is the political action committee for The American College of Radiology Association® (ACRA).

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Radiology Advocacy Network


The Radiology Advocacy Network is a group of radiologists across the country who are ensuring that radiology’s voice is heard at the local and federal levels.

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