Chapter Grant

The ACR created the Chapter Grant Program to recognize the vital role chapters play in meeting member needs, providing outstanding patient care and supporting the radiology profession.


The ACR created the Chapter Grant Program to provide financial support for innovative and knowledge sharing chapter initiatives. For its inaugural cycle, the ACR has allocated $20,000* for the Chapter Grant Program. The $20,000 is the total budget for all chapter grants awarded for the year. The Chapter Grant Program Subcommittee may award partial grants at their discretion.

For consideration, all applications must include comprehensive information describing the project, a timeline/schedule, a detailed budget with metrics to determine effectiveness of the project, and a final report. Proposals should describe how the program would support the Principles of Alliance as outlined in the Affiliation Agreement. The Chapter Grant Program Subcommittee will blindly evaluate all applications.

 *Allocated amount may vary year-to-year.


  • Chapters interested in applying for Chapter Grant Program funds must submit the electronic grant application by the specified deadline.

  • Chapters may not submit more than one grant application per award year.
  • The main Grant Contact must be a member of both the Chapter and ACR or Chapter Staff.
  • ACR staff will review all applications before forwarding to the Chapter Grant Program Subcommittee for evaluation. The subcommittee’s recommendation will be based on the criteria established for the grant program and the amount of funds allocated to the program.
  • An ACR chapter must directly undertake the project.
  • The project should not supplement any existing ACR initiatives i.e., resident stipends for the ACR’s annual conference.
  • The Chapter agrees to:
    • Be responsible for any insurance needed to complete the project funded by the grant
    • Indemnify the ACR
    • Comply with all federal, state, and local laws
    • Be interviewed by ACR
    • Spend all funds distributed via the grant
  • Current members of the ACR Board of Chancellors and the Chapter Grant Program Subcommittee are not eligible to apply.
  • Past events, operating expenses (rent, utilities, etc.), PAC or campaign/election support, staff salaries, and travel fees are not eligible expenses for grant funds.


To be considered for a grant, all sections of the online Chapter Grant Application must be completed with with comprehensive and detailed information. You may use this PDF of the application to compile the required information before submitting electronically. 

Evaluation Criteria

  • Overview – Describe the chapter’s need for the project and how the decision was made to support the project. Include how the program supports the Principles of Alliance (link to document) between ACR and its chapters.
  • Objectives – Define the project, objectives, expected benefits, method(s) of implementation and expected outcomes. State the goals of the program.
  • Budget – Provide a detailed budget with explanation.
  • Timeline – Outline the schedule for the program including activities and plans to support the effort after the grant ends.
  • Evaluation – Explain the method/metrics you will use to measure the success/impact of the program.
  • Final Report – Submit a final report to the ACR describing the program and results. Report submitted electronically with the following fields: Grant Title, Name of Chapter, Date, Tasks Completed, Budget Analysis, Measure of Success. A link to the final report will be sent only if a chapter receives a grant.


  • Application Opens: February 11, 2020
  • Applications Due: April 20, 2020
  • Chapters Notified: May 12, 2020
  • Grant Funds Dispersed: June 4, 2020
  • Final Reports Due: November 1, 2020

Schedule subject to change.


Direct questions to Kristin Barnard at

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