Case of the Year Winner

Hussein Hammoud
Hussein Hammoud
Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Detroit, Michigan 

Why did you choose to submit a case?

I had chosen to submit a case to dive into the world of radiology and fully immerse myself in it because of a strong interest and eagerness to learn more about the field. 

Why did you select this case topic for submission?

I had decided to select this particular case about pregnancy-related-breast-cancer due to the unique presentation and opportunity to explore the ACR appropriateness criteria during which I gained insight as to when and why we use different imaging modalities. I am very grateful to my mentor for providing me with the case. 

What should readers expect to learn from this case?

Readers should expect to learn the optimal imaging modality to utilize when a pregnant female in her 30s with a palpable breast mass visits her physician; and the reason(s) why or why other imaging modalities are insufficient. 

What did you learn from working on the case?

This case was a strong learning experience because it had prompted me to research breast imaging modalities, what a normal image should look like, what to look for, and of course, how to use the ACR AC tool to my advantage. 

What else would you like to share about the case?

The last thing I'd like to share about the case is that I had little to no radiological knowledge prior to working on it. I do not want one's perception of their limited knowledge be a hurdle in the way of completing a case report. Although a daunting task, I highly recommend working with a mentor on a case and what is learned will be invaluable.

Mentor of the Year Winner

Vani Vijayakumar, MD, FACR
Vani Vijayakumar, MD, FACR
Professor, School of Medicine, Department of Radiology, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Why did you choose to mentor for Radiology-TEACHES?

I always look to help medical students interested in radiology. I found Radiology-TEACHES is an excellent platform for students to learn ordering appropriate radiology studies. 

What positive outcome have you experienced by mentoring?

I was able to help and attract several students to participate and submit cases.

What advice would you give to other mentors or considering becoming a mentor? 

Share your expertise to make young students be the future leaders in Radiology.

What else should we know about the mentoring experience that you’d like to share? 

Very rewarding experience helping many students. Radiology-TEACHES is a good program for learning for medical students. Very proud of the number of students who showed interest , wish them all good luck to be great future radiologists.


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