How to Apply to the ACR Learning Network

Prepare to Apply

  1. Watch the introductory video .

  2. There are three critical commitments to successfully participate in ImPower. Discuss these commitments listed below with key decision makers.
    • An organizational sponsor and a clinical leader to provide resources, support change management efforts, and protect staff time to complete project work. 
    • An individual with quality improvement experience, or interest in learning quality improvement, to serve as the quality improvement coach and support the project team in the application of quality improvement concepts and tools. 
    • The capability to perform manual audits and report data throughout ImPower.
  3. Download the application in advance of submitting it online, so that you can review and collaborate as needed with organizational leadership on your responses.  
  4. Be aware of the required fees: organizations can bring a single project through one of the ImPower improvement collaboratives for a fee of $6,000. Every third project will be discounted at a rate of $3,000.

Webinar — Leverage the Power of Collaborative Quality Improvement

May 14 | 3–4pm ET

Come discover the nationally recognized ACR Learning Network and learn how to join a quality improvement collaborative to drive the evolution of radiology. ACR ImPower program graduates will share their experiences using a structured approach to solving complex problems, collaborating with peer institutions, and implementing sustainable, effective solutions.

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"The ACR Learning Network gives you the opportunity to look at a quality improvement project from a different perspective, sparking creativity, fostering new connections, and learning along the way!"

–A recent ImPower graduate

Learn about ImPower project teams:

Submit Your Application

Apply by June 25

Your responses to the application questions will provide insight about your team’s readiness for a successful experience achieving performance improvement. Once your application is submitted, a member of the Learning Network team will reach out to the applicant with next steps. 

Complete and submit the application online. Reach out with any questions by submitting a ticket to the ACR Learning Network team 


Apply online 

Application Deadline

Applications received by May 31 will receive priority consideration.

Up to six facilities will be selected for each improvement collaborative.