Bruce J. Hillman, MD, Fellowship in Scholarly Publishing

Applications for the Hillman Fellowship will open fall 2024.

The fellowship provides a concentrated experience in medical editing, journalism, and publishing for an interested and qualified staff radiologist. The fellowship supports talented physicians in pursuing an aspect of medical journalism as a part of their careers. You’ll get an inside look behind the scenes at the JACR, work with the editor-in-chief and deputy editor, and complete a project related to the journal. The fellowship also includes a 1-year appointment to the editorial board and an invitation to the editorial retreat.

The selected fellow will gain hands-on experience in editing and publishing the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR) with the JACR Editor-in-Chief and JACR staff. The fellow will also travel to New York City to spend time with the JACR’s publisher, Elsevier. Travel will be scheduled around the fellow’s availability. The ACR and Elsevier will reimburse travel expenses, accommodations, and living expenses incurred during the fellowship period.

Time Commitment

The fellowship includes the following travel:

  • 2-3 days at the Elsevier offices in NYC in the fall
  • 2 days at the JACR Editors’ Retreat in Reston, VA (over a weekend) in January


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Staff position at an academic or private practice.
  • Membership in the ACR.
  • Evidence of interest in medical journalism and specifically the JACR, including publishing articles and serving as a reviewer for medical journals or participating on an editorial board.

How to Apply

Note: 2024 Fellowship applications have closed. We will begin accepting applications for the 2025 Fellowship in the fall of 2024.

Your application should include the following:

  • Current curriculum vitae
  • A cover letter explaining how the fellowship relates to your career goals
  • A letter from your chair or group president expressing support and agreeing to release you for the time necessary to complete the fellowship.

Questions? Please email Lyndsee Cordes at

A selection committee chaired by the editor-in-chief will choose one fellow from among the applicants.

Past Fellows

Hear from past participants about their experiences during the fellowship.


Daniel Chonde, MD, PhD

Daniel B. Chonde, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Radiology at University of Kentucky

Resmi Ann Charalel, MD, MPH

Resmi A. Charalel, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine

"The Bruce J. Hillman Fellowship is an amazing opportunity to better understand the behind the scenes work of scholarly publishing. The editors and managing team do an excellent job of unveiling the curtain and sharing honest experiences of the challenges and successes of publishing the JACR. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn how you can be of service to JACR and get more involved in the publication process."



Randy C. Miles, MD, MPH
Chief of Breast Imaging at Denver Health

“The Hillman Fellowship is a deep dive into the radiology publishing ecosystem. It gives you a unique opportunity to connect with the JACR and Elsevier staff and learn about the journal’s editorial process. In addition to getting an insider look at the logistics of medical publishing, I also gained a better understanding of what goes into a successful journal article.”


Courtney M. Tomblinson, MD
Assistant professor of neuroradiology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

“The Hillman Fellowship is an opportunity to step into academic publishing. The publisher and editors provided in-depth discussions on how articles are received, processed, reviewed, and published, which are very useful in understanding the review and publication process. I have a new appreciation for the diligence and organization it takes to be successful in the scholarly publishing process.”


Headshot Dr. Lee

Ryan K. Lee, MD, MBA
Chair of Radiology in the Einstein Healthcare Network

"I had high expectations for the Hillman Fellowship because of the high caliber of the JACR. I came into the fellowship wanting to understand the logistics of medical journalism and came away with far more. In addition to getting an insider look at the logistics of medical publishing, I also learned about the complex interaction balancing the needs of the publisher and journal. The staff on both publishing and journal side are such a pleasure to work with and go above and beyond in explaining the inner workings."

Tara M. Catanzano, MD
Associate Director for Academic Career Development, Office of Faculty Affairs, UMMS Baystate Medical Center

"The Hillman fellowship is a phenomenal opportunity to pull back the curtain and understand the central tenants of medical publishing. The publisher and editors provide in-depth discussions on how articles are received, processed, reviewed, and published. Information on readership, impact factor calculation. and publication timelines are very useful in understanding the review and publication process."



Hansel J. Otero, MD
Director of international pediatric radiology education and outreach at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

“The fellowship is a fantastic deep dive into the radiology publishing ecosystem as well as the opportunity to meet and introduce yourself to the people that make JACR possible.”



Hanna Zafar, MD, MHS
Associate professor of radiology at Perelman School of Medicine

“The Hillman Fellowship is a unique and powerful opportunity to connect with JACR and Elsevier staff, learn about the journal editorial process within the context of the publishing process and actively contribute through creating content and serving on the Editorial Board.”


Sara K. Meibom, MD
Assistant professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine

“This fellowship has given me the opportunity to meet and engage with the amazing staff of both the JACR and Elsevier, the publisher. They welcomed me with open arms and generously introduced me to the structure of the ACR organization and the world of publishing.”



H. Benjamin Harvey, MD, JD
Neuroradiologist and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and chief medical officer of Interopion

“From a career aspect, the fellowship is an opportunity to step into academic publishing. After completing the fellowship, I have increased the quality of the pieces I’m submitting for publication and I have a better understanding of what goes into a successful article.”


Courtney Moreno, MD
Director of ultrasound and assistant professor of radiology at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta

“The fellowship was fantastic. I learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes at the JACR after a manuscript is submitted. Also, during the time in Reston I was able to meet lots of great people at ACR and learn more about ACR, too.”



Julianna Czum, MD
Division director of cardiothoracic imaging at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH, and assistant professor of radiology and cardiology at the Geisel School of Medicine in Hanover, NH

“The appeal of this fellowship is that it's not a passive experience. It's immersive and expansive because there is an expectation of output, of contributing to the JACR in an integral way.”


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