Emerging Leader Award

The RLI Emerging Leader Award recognizes a resident or fellow who has made a significant and noteworthy contribution to their institution and/or the field of radiology while also exhibiting the continued potential to be a future leader in the field.

The application process is now closed.

The Emerging Leader Award application will open in early 2023.

Award Criteria

  • Past leadership experience as demonstrated through contribution to their institution and/or field of radiology. Examples include serving as chief resident, participating as a member of the ACR RFS, or serving in another hospital leadership position.

  • Substantiated and sustained interest in leadership development

  • Personal qualities that indicate the candidate has exceptional leadership potential, such as creative, responsible, great communicator, excellent interpersonal, strategic, and critical thinking skills, etc.


Resident and fellows working in the field of radiology are eligible if they:

  • Are a current ACR member
  • Are currently enrolled as a resident or fellow in an ACGME accredited U.S. or Canadian Residency/Fellowship Program
  • Will be an R3-R4 or a fellow as of September 2022
  • Exhibit measurable engagement with RLI offerings, i.e., program participation, webinar attendance, course completion, etc.


Awardees will receive:

  • Complimentary registration, lodging, and travel to the RLI Summit
  • Recognition at the RLI Summit Awards Dinner
  • RLI Certificate of Achievement
  • Recognition in ACR publication

Application Requirements

All submissions are required to include:
A completed application form, with general information, and the below information as three attachments.
1) Document describing
  • Your past leadership experiences
  • Your level of engagement with the RLI, such as individual courses or programs in which the candidate has participated
  • Your short and long-term professional goals
  • How you plan to use knowledge gained from attending the RLI Summit
2) One (1) letter of recommendation from your residency or fellowship program director
3) Current CV

The Application Process is Now Closed

The Emerging Leader Award application will open in early 2023.

Congratulations 2022 Award Recipients (Institutions are current at the time of the award)

Aaron Bush, MD

Mayo Clinic

Amina Farooq, MD

Mather Hospital / Northwell

Aubrey Frazzitta, MD

University of Arizona Dept. of Medical Imaging

Robert Gray Jr., MD

Temple University Hospital

Mohammed Ismail, DO

Ohio State University Medical Center

Karim Nasara, MD

Ascension Providence / Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Olufunmilola Oladini, MD, MBA

Stanford Health Care

Kirang Patel, MD

University of Missouri at Kansas City

View Past Award Recipients

2020 Amanda J Batten, DO
2020 Shadi Abdar Esfahani, MD, MPH
2020 Atheeth Hiremath, MD
2020 Mary D Maher, MD
2020 Natasha Monga, MD
2020 Domnique Newallo, MD, RT(R) , (CT)
2020 Warren Ross, MD
2020 Desi Schiess, MD
2020 Samuel Tesfalidet, MD
2020 Grace Zhu, MD
2019 Matthew Alvin, MD, MBA, MS, MA
2019 Jennifer Buckley, MD
2019 Ariadne DeSimone, MD, MPH
2019 Ruth Gershon, MD
2019 Zachary Shin Jeng, MD
2019 Olga Laur, MD
2019 Parthiv Mehta, MD
2019 Anna V. Trofimova, MD, Ph.D
2019 Ross Varma, MD
2019 Yuqi Wang, MD
2018 Patricia Balthazar, MD
2018 Dania Daye, MD, Ph.D
2018 Austin Dixon, MD
2018 Luke A Gilman, MD
2018 Shahar Glomski, MD
2018 Jeffrey Daniel Jensen, MD
2018 David Maldow, MD
2018 Daniel Ortiz, MD
2018 Nisha Sankaran, MD
2018 Mitchell Wilson, MD
2017 Michael Booker, MD
2017 Stephane L Desouches, DO
2017 Tiffany Sae Kho, MD
2017 Christopher R McAdams, MD
2017 My Linh Nguyen, MD
2017 Karan Patel, MD
2017 Rebecca Rakow-Penner, MD,PHD
2017 Brett Walker, MD
2017 Christopher J Yen, MD
2017 Colin Young, MD
2016 Aditi A Desai, MD
2016 Laura Eisenmenger, MD
2016 Kelsey Anne Flynt, MD
2016 Vivek Kalia, MD, MPH, MS
2016 Daniel Robert L'Heureux, MD
2016 Dana J Lin, MD
2016 Kazim Narsinh, MD
2016 Amy Patel, MD
2016 Sarah Pittman, MD
2016 Devaki Shilpa Surasi, MD
2016 Joseph C Wildenberg, MD, Ph.D
2015 Ryan Alexander, MD
2015 Manisha Bahl, MD
2015 Andrew Thomas Colucci, MD
2015 Kate Hanneman, MD
2015 William D Kerridge, MD
2015 Christopher Daniel Maroules, MD
2015 Donald J Perry, MD
2015 Patrick J Richard, MD, MPH
2015 Gelareh Sadigh, MD
2015 Paul Franklin von Herrmann, MD
2015 Magda Rizer, DO
2014 Ian Amber, MD
2014 Lukasz Babiarz, MD
2014 Kevin S Baker, MD
2014 Henry Y Chou, MD
2014 Nicole Curci, MD
2014 Shannon G Farmakis, MD
2014 Lori Mankowski Gettle, MD, MBA
2014 Neil U Lall, MD
2014 Olga Mengin, MD
2014 Randy Miles, MD
2014 Rustain Lee Morgan, MD
2014 Joshua D Nassiri, MD
2014 Chrystal N Obi, MD
2014 Arash M Saemi, MD
2014 Josephina A Vossen, MD, Ph.D
2013 Zachary Edward Ballenger, MD
2013 McKinley Glover IV, MD, MHS
2013 Matthew B Harper, MD
2013 H Benjamin Harvey, MD, JD
2013 Stephen J Hunt, MD
2013 Paul B Lewis, MD, MS
2013 Lisa Mabry, MD
2013 Robert A Mackey, MD
2013 Andrew Kent Moriarity, MD
2013 Steven M Temkin, MD