Reporting and Data Systems (RADS)

ACR Reporting and Data Systems (RADS) provide standardized imaging findings terminology, report organization, assessment structure and classification for reporting and data collection in patient imaging.

What are ACR Reporting And Data Systems (RADS)?

ACR Reporting and Data Systems (RADS) provide a standardized framework for reporting on imaging findings. The goal of the ACR RADS is to reduce the variability of terminology in reports and to ease communication between radiologists and referring physicians.

Most RADS include standard terminology to describe findings, categories for assessing probability of disease, guidance for report organization, and recommendations for data collection from reports. Some data collection systems include recommendations on follow up data collection for monitoring physician performance. Generally the RADS are modality dependent, contain rules to assess the probability of disease, and may include management recommendations.

RADS are developed by committees of member radiologists, and relevant referring physician consultants. Committees work to build a structured terminology and algorithms to measure risk of malignancy or disease. The risk assessments are provided in terms such as “normal” or “negative”, “benign”, “probably benign” or “intermediate risk”, to “definitely malignant” or “high risk”. Tools are provided through a range of products from lexicon, risk stratification system, atlas, flash cards, report templates, and white papers. 

ACR-RADS Programs Current State and Future Opportunities: Defining a Governance Structure to Enable Sustained Success.

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How to Propose a New RADS Committee

Proposals to create new Reporting and Data Systems (RADS) Committees may be submitted online through the New RADS Request Form.

The requester will submit the online form with their contact information, the name of the proposed RADS, and brief description of the committee they wish to form.

The request will be reviewed by staff. Following review, there may be a request for additional details such as program need, quality gap, covered clinical conditions, prevalence of condition, and potential committee members.