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Embracing Appropriate Imaging and Clinical Decision Support for Value-Based Patient Care

What is Radiology-TEACHES?

Simulation using evidence-based content:

ACR Appropriateness Criteria 

Case vignettes integrated with the
ACR Appropriateness Criteria Portal (AC Portal)
providing clinical decision support education.


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Learners simulate the process of ordering imaging studies and receive immediate evidence-based feedback demonstrating appropriate image utilization.


Interactive overview of Radiology-TEACHES


Why Radiology-TEACHES?

How can a program participate?

Step 1: Register your institution

Submit the Program Registration Interest Form

Program Registration Interest Form 


Step 2: Register your students

Review the How To User Guide, then register your students using the Program and Practice Management Application.

Program and Practice Management Application 

Program Resources


Meet the editorial board

For questions about the Radiology-TEACHES program, contact radiologyteaches@acr.org.

For help with technical issues, email cortexsupport@acr.org.

How can a Trainee partipate?

  • Explore the Radiology-TEACHES Self-Guided Micro-Modules.
  • Become a medical student author for Radiology-TEACHES (information below).
  • Encourage your program to register for the entire curriculum.
  • Follow and retweet the Radiology-TEACHES Case of the Month.
  • Use #radiologyTEACHES on Twitter to be part of the conversation!

Volunteer and Publishing Opportunities

Radiology-TEACHES Mentoring Group

Thank you for your interest in mentoring for the Radiology-TEACHES program. Currently, we are not accepting new applications.

Please consider our other medical student mentoring / preceptor opportunity through the PIER program.  

PIER Program Preceptor Application


Medical Student and Resident Authoring Opportunity

Thank you for your interest in authoring for the Radiology-TEACHES program. Currently, we are not accepting new applications.

If you would like an authoring opportunity, please consider Case in Point. (Please note that all submissions require an attending-level radiologist.)

Case in Point Case Submission Form

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Resources for Mentors and Authors

Radiology-TEACHES Authoring

Are you a Radiology-TEACHES mentor, mentee or author? Share your experience with the program on social media using #RadiologyTEACHES!


“Radiology-TEACHES will expose students to the various imaging studies and help them learn which ones are safe and cost-effective based on a patient’s clinical condition. This evidence-based information is vital for them to experience prior to becoming trainees.”

Andrew C. Caruso, MD, assistant professor of medicine and director of Baylor’s internal medicine clerkship


“When you see the modules, they are so clear and so well presented. I found myself fascinated about learning this stuff. It’s mesmerizing. And it’s completely free!”

Alfred Sadler, MD, associate medical director at CSUMB 


“The students raved about their growing confidence with diagnostic tests. I cannot thank you enough for offering this as a free resource to healthcare professionals, which includes nurse practitioners!”

Ashley Scott, MSN, FNP-C, Family Nurse Practitioner Program Director, Henry Predolin School of Nursing, Edgewood College

Radiology Student Assessment (STARS)

Standardized Tool for the Assessment of Radiology Students

A collaborative effort of the Alliance of Medical Student Educators in Radiology (AMSER) and the American College of Radiology (ACR), STARS provides medical schools with a national, web-based question-item database and exam-taking system to use in assessing students throughout their radiology courses.

Begin using the STARS tool

Resources for Medical Student Educators

Access ACR resources designed to help you mentor the future generation of radiologists.

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