Radiology-TEACHES is an online portal that uses case vignettes in ACR’s CORTEX integrated with the ACR Select® clinical decision support (CDS) to simulate the process of ordering imaging studies via integrated CDS.

Learners, including medical students, receive this evidence-based feedback at the virtual point of order entry, thereby better understanding appropriate imaging utilization and empowering them to reduce waste. 

Recognizing that medical education curricula often lack evidence-based guidance regarding appropriateness and cost of imaging examinations, radiologists at Baylor College of Medicine partnered with the American College of Radiology and the National Decision Support Company to create Radiology-TEACHES (Technology Enhanced Appropriateness Criteria Home for Education Simulation).

The program has been presented as an initial pilot at the Baylor College of Medicine and progressed to a second multisite pilot including the University of Chicago, Montefiore, Augusta University, USUHS, Cooper Medical School at Rowan University, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, USCSOM and Wake Forest School of Medicine.

Beta-Site Testing

Based on the overwhelmingly positive pilot results, it was decided to move forward with the design, development and build-out of a working version of the program for a 2018/2019 rollout. Between now and the go-live, we will be working with sites to help us beta-test the program. These beta-testing sites will have early access to the program and provide essential feedback on the design and content of the program.

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Dr. Marc Willis Presents Radiology-TEACHES at RSNA’s Fast-Five Session 

Figure 1 Dr. Marc Willis presenting Radiology-TEACHES at RSNA's
Inaugural Fast-Five Session, 2017 

An engaging, fast-paced opportunity to share new ideas, the RSNA 2017 Fast 5 Session debuted at the 2017 RSNA meeting. During this inaugural session, five speakers each made a five-minute presentation accompanied by slides to share their ideas to explore, invent and transform radiology.

“How can healthcare reach its place with other industries of high visability? In radiology, we need to educate differently, effectively and more efficiently,” Dr. Willis said. “I believe that Radiology-TEACHES can be an agent for change — to make a difference for our profession, our patients and society.”

Baylor College of Medicine Career Symposium (November, 2017)

Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) hosted a Career Symposium, November 2017. At the symposium students were able to get a hands-on demonstration with Dr. Marc Willis and the Radiology-TEACHES program. BCM is one of 20 sites where ACR is doing beta-testing with Radiology-TEACHES in order to inform a future go-live version.

Figure 2 Dr. Marc Willis Demonstrates Radiology-TEACHES to Students   Figure 3 Students at a BCM Career Symposium Interact with Radiology-TEACHES

Watch: Dr. Marc Willis Presenting Radiology-TEACHES at AAMC 2017

Radiology-TEACHES, led by principal investigator, Marc H. Willis, DO, earned the 2017 ABIM Foundation, Costs of Care, and Leapfrog Group Creating Value Challenge “Teaching Value” Award.

This competition was aimed at recognizing innovative ideas and projects for teaching and implementing high-value health care among collaborative teams of clinicians, educators, quality improvement specialists, and health system administrators.

  • ACR Press Release: Radiology-TEACHES Wins ABIM Foundation Creating Value Challenge
  • ABIM Press Release: Winning Ideas and Innovations: Teaching and Creating Value in Health Care to Reduce Waste and Improve Outcomes

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