Registry Data Element Count Report

Investigate Data Available for Research Projects

The Registry Data Element Report tool allows you to investigate data available from the National Radiology Data Registry (NRDR) to aid in the development of an NRDR Data Access Request. The report provides insight into the quantity of data that exists for specific data elements for each of the quality improvement registries: CT Colonography Registry, Dose Index Registry, General Radiology Improvement Database, Lung Cancer Screening Registry, and the National Mammography Database.

Consult the registry specific data dictionary  for data element specifications, such as, whether fields are required and valid values and ranges.

When presenting, or referencing, data from this report please include the following citation:

National Radiology Data Registry (NRDR) element counts were obtained from the Registry Data Element Count Report at Accessed on {Date}.


Using the Tool

Select a single registry and one or more data elements and years from the dropdown boxes. The “Display” filter allows you to view either a table with a detailed breakdown of the values for each data element (Data), or a table with calculated measures (Measure). Note that data element subtotals in the Data table view may not match because a data element is omitted if too few facilities submit data (at least 5 facilities with at least 20 exams each).

The report data are refreshed weekly.