Benefits of the ACR and its Chapters

Because of the importance of grassroots involvement and the commonality of practice concerns and issues, the ACR requires its members to be members of their state chapters

Chapter benefits are many, but here a few of the more important things chapters do:

  • Provide professional involvement. Perhaps the greatest benefit of chapter membership rests in the camaraderie and professional sharing which takes place at meeting and other functions. Through chapter membership a member knows that he/she is not alone in attempting to find solutions to problems facing radiology today, both at the national and local levels.
  • Create a gateway to ACR Council activities. Each chapter has representation in the ACR Council. Chapter councilors and alternate councilors have an opportunity to express the needs and interests of local members during the ACR annual meeting. By participating in your chapter, you can influence what goes on at the council meeting and effect national radiological policy.
  • Give radiology a political voice in state and local government relations. One of the primary purposes of any chapter is to represent the interests of its members before government. Chapter membership provides the representation necessary to affect federal and state legislation and regulations.
  • Provide educational opportunities. Chapters fulfill an important function by providing educational opportunities for members. These programs are timely, selected on the basis of local radiological needs, and can provide important CME credit.
  • Open the door to opportunities for volunteerism and leadership development. State chapters provide an array of opportunities for volunteerism and leadership in their committee structure, be it as an officer, councilor or committee chair. Chapters also provide an open door to becoming involved in the commission and committee activities of the ACR.
  • Influence decisions related to reimbursement. Through your chapter's relationship with the state's Carrier Advisory Committee representatives, you can provide input and influence the decisions that are made regarding reimbursement at the local level.
There are many benefits to joining your chapter and the ACR, so why wait?

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