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Medical Student Subcommittee

The Medical Student Subcommittee is part of the Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) of the ACR and by extension, the Commission on Membership and Communications. Subcommittee members work during the year to develop resources for medical students and to provide input to ACR committees on issues related to membership retention and medical student outreach.


Medical Education and Student Outreach team

The Medical Education & Student Outreach (MESO) team is an interdepartmental staff team that establishes medical student education and outreach as a priority for the ACR. There are existing efforts underway across the organization designed to reach medical students; MESO incorporates all efforts into one team to ensure collaboration and coordination.

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Medical Education & Student Outreach

Medical Student Subcommittee

What we do

Through improved marketing and visibility, the MESO Team, in coordination with member volunteers on the Medical Student Subcommittee and Commission for Women and Diversity, will expose medical students to the radiological specialties with the goals of:

  • Developing a pipeline of future members
  • Increasing the number of medical student ACR members
  • Producing better educated referring physicians
  • Increasing the number and diversity of applicants to radiology residency programs

Leadership & Staff

Christina Shehata, BA


Trina Behbahani


Angelica Vergel De Dios


Joan Powers Lynch



Joshua H Baker, MS Bryant Chang, MS, BS Fatima Choudhary, BSc
Eric D Cyphers Ayub Khan, BS Rajat Mohanka, BSc
Brandon O'Connor, BA

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