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Introducing Medical Students to Appropriateness Criteria

A medical school offers a self-directed ACR Appropriateness Criteria® course in lieu of clinical rotations during the COVID-19 shutdown.
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Introducing Medical Students to Radiology

Chicago radiologists develop a free Radiology Expo to increase the specialty’s pipeline for women and underrepresented minorities.
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Radiology's Escape Room

An ACR-developed escape room with radiology-themed puzzles is attracting medical students and various interest groups to the field.
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Correlated Teaching

At Howard University, radiologists and anatomists develop a low-cost program to teach first-year medical students about imaging.

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Teaching Imaging Appropriateness

A simulation-based educational program increases medical students’ abilities to identify appropriate imaging.

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Family Connect

Program pairs radiologists with medical students to keep families engaged in patient care as part of the COVID-19 response.

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Rebranding Radiology

Radiologists at the University of Massachusetts Medical School reinvent their programs to give students and colleagues a deeper appreciation for what it really means to be a radiologist.
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