Recommendations Follow-Up Improvement Collaborative

Improving Performance Together

American College of Radiology Recommendations for Follow-Up Improvement CollaborativeUp to 10% of all radiology reports contain follow-up recommendations and approximately half of the recommended follow-up exams are never performed. Lung nodules represent about half of all imaging follow-up recommendations and noncompliance with radiology lung nodule follow-up places patients at risk for delayed diagnosis of lung cancer.

Participants will learn and share ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their follow-up tracking systems to improve patient outcomes, decrease the risk of missed cancers, generate a return on investment, and reduce malpractice risk for institutions and providers.

Leadership and Advisory Committee

Physician Leader 


Advisory Committee 

Ben Wandtke, MD, MS
Associate Professor, Department of Imaging Sciences, University of Rochester
  • Tyler Prout, MD
  • Kristin Hans, RN
  • Christopher Moore, MD
  • Woojin Kim, MD
  • Tyler Prout, MD
  • Stella Kang, MD
  • Terri Ann DiJulio

  • The Recommendations Follow-Up Improvement Collaborative is one of four improvement collaboratives in the ACR® Learning Network.

    First Cohort Participants

    • Hudson Valley Radiologists - PC, Poughkeepsie, NY
    • Boston Medical Center - Boston, MA
    • Einstein Healthcare Network - Now part of Jefferson Health, Philadelphia, PA
    • Radiology Partners - Austin, TX

    Improvement Collaborative Participation Requirements

    Minimum requirements for participants:

    • A strong interest in improving recommendations follow-up.
    • Supportive department leaders.
    • An improvement coach with QI experience.
    • A team of engaged front-line staff and leaders.
    • Ability to commit to a nine-month training program.
    • An active follow-up tracking process.

    Resources required:

    • A department role to coordinate care and communicate with patients.
    • Tracking and monitoring data.

    Project team members (flexible):

    • Radiologist
    • Patient care coordinator
    • Primary care physician/team
    • Radiology manager
    • Radiology scheduler

    To learn more about learning collaboratives, view the FAQ.

    Timeline for First Cohort

    Application deadline
    Dec. 20, 2021

    Invitation to participate
    Jan. 29, 2022

    Deadline to commit
    Feb. 21, 2022

    Pre-program training
    Mar. 14, 2022

    First program session
    April 25, 2022

    Nov. 14, 2022