Two-Week Virtual Radiology Curriculum for Medical Students

The virtual curriculum provides medical students with independent required reading assignments, online modules, and online scenarios to incorporate evidence-based strategies for imaging services, while experiencing the science and diversity of modern imaging.

The curriculum can be used within an institution radiology elective or as an independent study resource for medical students.

To participate, access the virtual curriculum resources below and complete the assignments, capturing screenshots as indicated to document the requirements were fulfilled. Submit final documentation to your program coordinator for credit. Please verify your participation in the program with your program coordinator prior to completing the assignments unless assigned by your program coordinator directly. Credit for the course will not be supplied by ACR.

For more information, view the FAQ below.




How do I access the information?

You must be an ACR member to access the materials and logged into your ACR account. ACR membership is free for medical students. Once logged in, download the documents listed in the downloads section which provides the details for the course.

How do I get credit for completing the course?

Please notify your radiology faculty and educators that you are completing the course. Provide them with the required documentation and they will update your records that the course has been completed.

Does ACR supply a certificate of completion?

The ACR does not provide a certificate of completion.

Are the textbooks listed in the Resources and Materials provided by the ACR?

No, textbooks are not provided and are the responsibility of the student and or training program to provide.

Are the exam answers provided?

Exam answers are provided in the Download section.