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The Wyoming Radiological Society (WRS) is a chapter of the American College of Radiology. Composed of members throughout the state of Wyoming, the chapter is dedicated to advancing quality radiological care throughout the state and protecting and promoting interests important to the practice of radiology. The WRS currently has over 30 members throughout the state.

Annual meetings of the WRS are held typically in the summer months. Physical meetings are often arranged in central locations such as Casper. At the annual meeting, important ACR and WRS business is discussed and reviewed and there is often a guest speaker. Occasionally, virtual or web-based meetings are also held if additional discussions are required.

Elections for president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and councilor are held each year at the annual meeting. Interested members are encouraged to consider running for office.


The purposes of the chapter are the same as those of the ACR: advancing the science of radiology, improving radiologic service to patients and the medical community, and studying the economics of radiology; encouraging improved continuing education for radiologists; and establishing and maintaining high medical and ethical standards in the practice of radiology. The chapter also works to advance the interests of the membership through legislative action.
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Administrative Assistant
Ianna Doughty


Charles Bowkley


Travis Graham


Charles Bowkley

Fellowship Chair
There are seven classes of members in the chapter: Active Members, Associate Members, Members in Physics, Associate Members in Physics, Members in Training and Members in Training in Physics, Retired or Inactive Members, and Affiliate Members.
All members in each membership classification must also be members of the American College of Radiology.

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