Clinical Research

The ACR Center for Research and Innovation™ (CRI) supports, designs and manages research studies that aim to translate new evidence into clinical practice.

We serve as a partner and a resource for ACR members, academia and industry on clinical trial design and management, and on precision diagnostics and treatment. We design artificial intelligence algorithms, and use new knowledge derived from AI and other data-driven methods to inform research, practice and reimbursement.

Fund for Collaborative Research in Imaging (FCRI) Grant

We are now accepting Letters of Intent (LOIs) for the 2024 application cycle. Please visit the FCRI grant to review the RFA and learn how to apply.

ACR CRI Scholarship for High School Students

The American College of Radiology Center for Research and Innovation™ Scholarship aims to improve equity and access to higher education for Philadelphia residents through scholarship awards.

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Recent Research Activity

From algorithm performance testing to formalized performance metrics and acceptance criteria, see what the ACR CRI can do for you.

What We Offer

ACR CRI specialty services include:
  • Funding
    • Grants and Commercial Sponsors
  • Study Design and Development
    • Study Design and Contracting
  • Study Document Creation
    • Protocol, Charter, Imaging Manual, Data Management Plan, Blinded Read Manual
  • Site Services
    • Site Selection and Qualification
    • Subject Recruitment Management
    • Site/Reader/CRO Training
    • IT Informatics Solutions
  • Study Execution & Operational Management
    • Image Collection + QC
    • Data Collection + QC
    • QA + Regulatory
    • Reviewer Contracting and Management
  • Analysis
    • Image Central Review: Remote or Onsite
    • Validation
    • Analytic Tools + Pipelines
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Data Transfer
ACR CRI demonstrated excellence in various types of research projects include:
  • Screening/Detection
  • Therapeutic/Response Trials
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Novel Imaging Methods
  • Biomarker Development/Validation
  • Central Reader Studies
  • Reader Education/Truther/Testing
  • Software/Hardware Validation
  • Registries
  • AI Algorithm Development/Validation
  • Socio-Economic Research
ACR CRI capabilities include:
  • 500+ clinical projects conducted
  • ~100 ongoing active clinical projects being managed at any time
  • 150+ staff dedicated to clinical research
  • Network of 39,000+ imaging scientists
  • 38,000 accredited facilities
  • TRIAD® installed at 20,000+ sites
  • Remote and central interpretation and analysis capabilities
  • Powered by informatics
  • 50+ years of grant and corporate-sponsored research

ACR National Clinical Imaging Research Registry™ (ANCIRR)

ACR National Clinical Imaging Research Registry ANCIRRThe ANCIRR registries collect images and clinical data from multiple practice settings — enabling researchers to address complex scientific questions and produce results applicable across care settings, locations and populations.

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Ongoing Research Projects

NIH-Funded Research Programs

Research Institutes


We welcome your interest in considering ACR CRI as a partner for your research project. Please reach out with any questions, ideas or proposals.