Quality Measures Education

Educational Recordings 

Anatomy of a Measure

This recording comprises an overview of quality measurement and testing fundamentals. The purpose of this recording is to review the anatomy of a measure. Upon session completion, viewers will be familiar with measurement for accountability programs. The primary topics covered are measure types, components, and measurement entities.


Deep Dive on Reliability

This recording contains a detailed review of the reliability of a quality measure. The topics addressed include reliability testing approaches and results interpretation. Once viewed, participants will know how to delineate between reliable and unreliable quality measures.


Deep Dive on Validity

This recording describes quality measure validity testing. The topics reviewed include ensuring that the measure correctly captures the intended action and confirming that the measure can differentiate between good and poor quality.

Measure Evaluation and Selection

This video provides a comprehensive overview of fundamentals relating to quality measure uses and the national quality landscape.


The ACR Measurement Glossary is a compendium of details for those interested in the development, adoption, and implementation of quality measures in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) quality performance programs. Each term is assigned a category referring to its place in the national quality measure landscape.

Glossary Update 2023 (.xlsx)