Lung Cancer Screening Registry

The ACR Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR) helps clinicians monitor and demonstrate the quality of CT lung cancer screenings in their practice through periodic feedback reports that include peer and registry benchmarks. Because screening is performed on an asymptomatic population, there is an added responsibility for the medical community to ensure that risks and benefits are adequately measured and monitored.

Contributing data to the LCSR not only helps clinicians improve their own quality of care, but also helps improve and refine lung cancer screening care for everyone at the national level.

Latest Developments

The registry continues to expand and evolve as new requirements and priorities are identified by the LCSR Committee and input from the larger lung cancer screening community including

  • Receipt of a planning grant to develop a module for actionable incidental pulmonary nodules (IPNs). The grant’s aim is to support the development of diagnostic performance feedback for physicians participating in quality improvement registries such as the LCSR. The IPN module will gather data to facilitate appropriate and timely follow-up patient care. Ella Kazerooni, MD, MS, FACR, and Ben Wandtke, MD, MS, grant physician co-advisors, present the expanded vision for the IPN module in a Harnessing the Value of Clinical Registries blog.
  • LCSR participants can use their data for performance improvement projects related to improving adherence to annual screening, ensuring appropriate radiation dose, and increasing smoking cessation rates. Materials are available to guide facility teams through a performance improvement process for which CME is available. Learn more

Harnessing the Value of LCSR Participation

Hear from LCSR Committee chair, Charles S. White, MD, about how participating in the LCSR can help your practice ensure high-quality radiologic care for your patients and about his personal experience as a clinician engaged in the registry.

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How to Participate

  • Register each facility that will perform lung cancer screening CT
  • Complete and return a signed participation agreement to NRDR
  • Submit payment, then you can get ready to start submitting your data

Follow our registration process  to register each facility where you perform lung cancer screening exams.

Already a participant in NRDR? Add the LCSR to your facility registration 
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How to Submit Data

Determine which method you will use to submit data to the LCSR from the list below. Refer to our LCSR Data Submission Overview  for information about submitting and working with LCSR data.

  1. Submit manually using our online form 
  2. Upload an Excel document using one of our created templates.
  3. Have your IT department submit data using web-based services 
  4. Have one of our Certified Software Partners (listed below) submit data on your behalf

Certified Software Partners

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