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Chapter Speaker Program and Other Resources

The RLI understands that encouraging members to become more active in their chapters and developing leaders are top priorities. The RLI supports these priorities and offers a variety of ways for chapters to present valuable leadership and professional development information and resources to their members.

RLI Speaker Program

Many ACR chapters have benefited from including RLI speakers at their chapter meetings. Our speakers are able to present at your virtual, in-person or hybrid meeting. 

View potential  Speakers and Topics and then submit your Speaker Request to the RLI to confirm availability and scheduling. 


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Resident-focused content for Virtual Chapter Meetings

Will your chapter host a virtual meeting in the coming months? If so, consider adding content geared toward residents developed by the Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI). This career-development offering is based off the RLI Kickstart Your Career workshops and focuses on the transition from residency into fellowship/practice. The content is shared via pre-recorded lectures with options for a live Q&A and/or mock interview sessions. Curious? Direct questions to Jennifer Pendo.

In Their Own Words – the RLI, Making a Difference

Here are a few articles from the ACR Bulletin in which scholarship recipients share their key takeaways after participating in an RLI program: