RLI Programs and Training

Resident and Fellow Training

The Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI) offers residents and fellows an array of live and online courses for comprehensive training in professional development, leadership and career management.

 Whether you are a resident looking for the career essentials that will prepare you for your first years in practice, or a program director looking to close the gaps in your resident career training curriculum, the RLI offers affordable programs that deliver a self-paced and immersive learning experience.

Residents will gain access to the best and brightest radiology educators and thought leaders. They will be empowered with skills for real impact as well as the knowledge to achieve in today’s competitive health care landscape.


RLI Resident Milestones Program

Developed by the RLI, economics experts and residency program directors, the RLI Resident Milestones Program: Economics and the Physician Role in Health Care Systems, provides the essential training to help satisfy the ACGME Physician Role in Health Care Systems sub-competency (part of the Systems-Based Practice competency) requirement by effectively facilitating resident education in health care economics.
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Kickstart Your Career

This one-day event, which has been converted to a virtual workshop due to COVID-19, will provide you with a strong foundation of knowledge, skills and tips on how to most effectively enter the radiology workforce in a way that positions you for the greatest opportunity for success.
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Leadership Essentials

Chaired by Ann Jay, MD and Ryan Peterson, MD, this comprehensive live and online program takes place over the course of 4 months and presents a focused curriculum on topics such as contracts and negotiations, rookie leadership and personal finance.
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RLI Lunch Lectures at AIRP

With a mission of offering residents a sample of the high-quality education RLI provides, free lunch-time courses are offered at the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) in Silver Spring, MD, to attendees of the Four-Week Resident Course.

As an alternate to the RLI Kickstart course, sessions are scheduled once per course during the lunch hour (lunch is provided) and are designed to provide insights and guidance that will be valuable on the leadership journey.

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Power Hour Webinar Series

Don’t miss the high-impact webinar series for expert insights that will help you address complex health care challenges with confidence and be better prepared to step into new leadership roles.
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RLI-RFS Webinar Series: Trends in Corporatization

Faculty: Howard Fleishon, MD, MMM, FACR and Frank Lexa, MD, MBA, FACR
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Other Resident and Fellow Resources and Opportunities

RLI Resident Summit Scholarships

Providing residents and fellows the opportunity to attend the annual RLI Leadership Summit is an important part of our mission.

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Participate in the RFS Journal Club

Interact directly with ACR leaders and gain unique perspectives on their areas of expertise. The journal club meets via conference call and is facilitated by a member of ACR leadership.
RFS Journal Club

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