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Population health management (PHM) is a holistic concept that aims to keep a patient population as healthy as possible. One of the main goals of PHM is to minimize the need for expensive medical interventions by incentivizing healthcare providers to develop new skill sets and new infrastructures for delivering high-quality care. In many cases, automation makes population health management feasible, scalable, and sustainable.


Should Radiology Be Involved in Population Health?
The question of whether radiology should engage directly with population health is on many people's minds. As medicine transitions from a fee-for-service footing to value-based care, it is incumbent on every physician to weigh the advantages and challenges of this new care delivery model. Learn how radiologists can position themselves to optimize care for patient populations of all backgrounds while saving on costs and strengthening the U.S. healthcare system.

Leading Population Health Management Initiatives
In this Radiology Leadership Institute Power Hour webinar, learn about population health management (PHM), a relatively new approach to care delivery where the goal is to keep distinct patient populations as healthy as possible while minimizing costly interventions and procedures.

Using Predictive Analytics to Drive Population Health and Equity in Radiology
Learn how tracking health patterns in discrete patient populations ensures optimal health outcomes for patients of all backgrounds during the free webinar.

Radiology's Central Role in Patient Screening Program Success
Join Population Health Management (PHM) leaders from the ACR for a webinar about how radiology practices can employ image-based screening to deliver quality patient care and meet strategic health system needs.

Leveraging Payment Models to Achieve Population Health Management Success: Strategies for Real-World Action
Join population health management leaders from the ACR for a webinar on how to leverage shared risk and alternative payment models to deliver high-quality care to distinct patient populations.

Understanding and Pursuing Health Equity: Opportunities to Take Action
This webinar on health equity and radiology is designed to provide radiologists with insight on how they can take action to ensure quality care for all members of their communities.

PHM Articles

Exceeding Expectations
The ACR’s Population Health Management Committee is helping radiologists improve patient health while contributing to downstream savings.

Changing the Storyline
Radiologists can rewrite the existing narrative on health disparities by reaching out to underserved communities about the lifesaving benefits of CTC.

Shoring Up Missed Care Opportunities
By employing population health surveillance and reducing missed care opportunities, radiologists can help anticipate suboptimal patient outcomes before they happen.

Radiology, AI, and PHM
By employing machine learning algorithms, radiologists can lead the way on population health management efforts.

Population Health Management
Patients are at the heart of changing social determinants of health, access, and payment models.

Within Reach
Life-saving screening starts locally, with radiologists leading outreach efforts.

The Economics of Social Need
Policymakers and payors are recognizing the importance of social determinants of health.

ACR Bulletin 2017 Special Issue on PHM
What you mean to population health.

ACR Bulletin Podcast

Join thought leaders from across the field as they explore different facets of radiology, including population health management, lung cancer screening, and other subjects important to the success of radiologists. The conversations are meant to evoke practical insights into ensuring the best care is provided to every patient, regardless of background or income level.

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Other Resources

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