Scholarships and Internships

Learn about the internship and scholarship opportunities available to you as a medical student.

PIER Internships

The College is proud to offer the Pipeline Initiative for the Enrichment of Radiology (PIER) internship to rising second-year medical students at institutions across the U.S. This initiative began through the Commission for Women and Diversity in hopes of giving underrepresented minorities (URMs) and women an opportunity to explore the radiology specialty and engage in research.

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Travel Scholarships

The College is proud to offer travel scholarships to medical students enrolled in U.S. or Canadian approved programs in order to support attendance at the ACR annual meeting.

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The College is also proud to offer a similar scholarship for a medical physics graduate student.

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Tier Program

ACR values medical student education and wants to partner with medical school programs that are introducing radiology to the medical school community. If your medical school program or medical school radiology interest group is interested in hosting a radiology workshop, the ACR would love to help support that effort.

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