Global Humanitarian Award

The ACR Foundation Global Humanitarian Award recognizes outstanding individuals, organizations and programs working to improve access to quality radiological services in low- and middle-income countries.

The World Health Organization estimates that half of the world’s population lacks access to radiological services. The ACRF works with volunteer radiologists, organizations, industry representatives and allied health workers to improve access to quality radiological services in low-income and middle-income countries as defined by the World Bank.

Apply by August 31.


Awards may be given in one of three distinct award categories:

  • Individual radiologists
  • Organization, including non-profit and industry groups
  • Non-radiologists, including medical physicists, radiologic technologists, ultrasonographers and other radiological personnel

How to Apply

Award recipients may be self-nominated or nominated by a peer no later than August 31, 2020.

  1. Nominations must be submitted on the ACRF Global Humanitarian Award Application.
  2. Include at least two letters of support from:
    • A colleague and/or collaborating organization in support of the nominee’s work
    • The entity (e.g., facility, organization or patient group) impacted as a result of the nominee’s work 

Letters should be signed on letterhead and no longer than one page. If you have assisted multiple organizations or countries, please make sure the submitter combines the information. Please note that short videos or newsletters are acceptable in lieu of a specific letter.

Send letters of support and any supplemental materials to Joan Lynch or mail them to the address below:

American College of Radiology
Attn: Joan Lynch
1891 Preston White Dr.
Reston, VA 20191

Award Selection

A committee of the ACR Foundation will review nominations and make recommendations to the ACRF Board for final approval. Nominees will be notified in early February 2020.

Responsibilities of Award Winners

In addition to recognizing these outstanding individuals, organizations and programs, the ACR Foundation hopes this program will further encourage volunteer outreach efforts to improve patient care in underserved areas and will provide a forum for sharing successful approaches to improving radiological care in underserved areas.

The ACRF Global Humanitarian Award is a high honor that recognizes not only exemplary service but also the high ideals embodied in the award. Individuals or organizations shall comply with the ACR Code of Ethics and/or its intent and have the requisite character, humility and collaborative spirit to inspire others to serve and, where appropriate, encourage groups or individuals to work collectively for the advancement of improved radiological care abroad.

ACRF Global Humanitarian Award Recipients

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