Haiti Radiology Relief

The ACR provides assistance to the Haitian medical community through radiological education, volunteers and donations.
With the help of committed volunteers, funding from the Haiti Radiology Relief Fund, and in collaboration with other organizations working in Haiti, the ACR Foundation’s efforts are making an impact.

Beginning Efforts

Since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010, the ACR has provided assistance to the Haitian medical community through radiological education, volunteers and donations.

Generous donors provided funds to send volunteers, educational resources, and equipment to affected medical facilities in Haiti.

Boots on the Ground

In 2011, an ACR delegation traveled to Port-au-Prince to assess the damage to local medical facilities and hospitals. The delegation discovered some startling facts: there were only 19 radiologists for a population of 10 million people -- and no radiology residency programs. The country also lacked basic radiology education and equipment.

These findings were reported to the ACR Foundation board of directors . The board agreed to support a long-term, lasting relationship with Haiti’s medical community.

In the spring of 2012, the ACR, along with ASRT and SDMS, partnered with ICC/Grace to host the first Radiology Education Days (RED) at Grace Children’s Hospital (GCH) in Port-au-Prince. The program provided two days of didactic lectures and hands-on training to more than 90 attendees. Two more RED programs were held in 2013 and 2014. ASRT and SDMS again provided support along with SRU, SPR, and WFPI. Over 100 attendees participated in each program.

Watch Radiology Education Days in Haiti


Since we began working in Haiti we have seen encouraging progress with the imaging community there. The ACR facilitated a donation from Siemens of a Hybrid Portable X-ray unit to GCH in Port-au-Prince.

The radiology residency program has also restarted at University Hospital in Haiti and now has 10 residents. The ACR signed a memorandum of understanding with University Hospital to provide training and educational support to its staff and residents.

The ACR is also working with other groups and individuals in Haiti in hopes that they can build collaborations and make a bigger impact in the radiology community by working together and sharing resources.