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Cybersecurity Resources

The Importance of Cybersecurity

Advancements in technology are positively transforming the delivery of patient care and ways in which we connect. At the same time, advances in technology are increasingly exploited by cyber criminals and hackers for malicious purposes including financial gain. The following numbers provide insights into the cost-related impacts and frequency of cyber events.

Cybersecurity by numbers

  • $9.23 million: The average cost of a data breach in healthcare in 2021
  • $10.5 trillion: The expected cost  of cybercrime worldwide by 2025
  • 11 seconds: How often a cyberattack occurs

The American College of Radiology® (ACR®) IT Commission Cybersecurity Work Group is launching this cybersecurity resource page to better equip radiologists with the necessary tools and knowledge to keep them, their patients and organizations safe.

How You Can Get Started Today

You do not have to be a cybersecurity expert to start protecting your personal, patient and organizational data from cyberattacks. These resources provide actionable steps you can take today to make your systems and data more secure.

How to Be Secure at Home

Basics to consider when working at home.

How NOT to Get Phished

95% of all cyberattacks start with phishing. Learn more about it and how to avoid becoming a victim.

How to: Passwords

Even complex passwords can be cracked if they are short. Learn how to create strong passwords to decrease cyber risk.

How to Be Secure in Social Networks

Learn how to safely and effectively navigate in an interconnected world.

Social Media and LinkedIn Security Tips

How to stay safe online by following social media security best practices.

Hosting a Secure Virtual Meeting

The do’s and don’ts of virtual meetings

Social Engineering Overview

Six ways to protect yourself against social engineering

How to Share Data Securely

The guiding principles of handling and protecting your data

We Speak Cyber

Become familiar with the ABCs of cybersecurity.


If You’ve Seen Something: Reporting and Support

See who you should contact first and learn where to find resources.