Anthem Outpatient Imaging Policy Resources

Regardless of whether you practice in an office setting or hospital, ACR urges you to oppose a new Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield outpatient imaging policy which makes imaging a commodity to be performed by the lowest bidder.

Anthem has stopped covering patients in nine states1 for MRI and CT scans performed in hospital outpatient settings - unless the exam qualifies for an “exception.”

On Nov. 15, Anthem will start retroactive reviews of MRI and/or CT services done in emergency departments in Missouri, Ohio and Kentucky. Anthem will deny imaging claims if it decides the case was not truly an emergency.

Below are ACR resources that you can use to express to lawmakers, regulators, government officials and the media how these policies can adversely affect patients.


1 The program has begun in Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio, Nevada, Georgia and New York. It may soon be applied to all 14 states where Anthem operates.

Please share your experiences of the Anthem imaging policy impacting care and encourage your patients to do so.

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