Well-Being Support Guides for Physicians, Residents and Students

These guides, created by fellow radiologists, are designed to support aspects of your life that can affect levels of burnout. Each guide features several interactive resources and their associated time commitments and key takeaways.   

Well-Being Support Guide to Resilience
There are limits to the stress and trauma that an individual can endure before their ability to bounce back is compromised, affecting the health of the individual. Individual strategies, such as those described in this guide, can support efforts to reduce stress and burnout.

Well-Being Support Guide to Communication
This guide is meant to serve as an introduction to radiologists who hope to learn more about why communication is important, as well as effective and appropriate interactions. The resources in this guide will also help enhance skills for radiologists who routinely communicate with patients.

Well-Being Support Guide to Self-Care
The first part of this guide includes elements of self-care that are fundamental to living a healthy life and are important for everyone. The second part includes suggestions that will be more individualized and nuanced in their effects.

Well-Being Support Guide to Mentorship
This guide will help you learn how mentoring across differences can improve well-being and reduce burnout.

Well-Being Support Guide to Diversity and Inclusion
This guide offers readings, activities and other resources to provide you with the tools needed to better understand the impact of diversity and inclusion on well-being.

Well-Being Support Guide to Conflict Resolution
Like any other skill, conflict resolution requires knowledge and practice. The resources within this guide provide guidance in recognizing conflicts that need attention, and offers skills that can lead to success.