Lung Cancer Screening Locator Tool

Do you know your risk factors for lung cancer? Talk to your doctor about screening options, and find a location near you.

Are you eligible for lung cancer screening? Ask your doctor about your individual lung cancer risk and screening recommendations. It could save your life. 

If you are between the ages of 50 and 80 and you smoke or used to smoke, Medicare and other insurers are required to cover these potentially life-saving screenings.

If that's you, our American College of Radiology Lung Cancer Screening Locator Tool can help you find a lung cancer screening program near you.

Follow the instructions below to create a list of lung cancer screening programs. The list includes the program's telephone number and address. Note: You will need to call the telephone number to schedule an appointment. 

If you have smoked for many years, but don’t know if lung cancer screening is right for you, check out the following resources from the American Lung Association: Saved by the Scan .

For Lung Cancer Screening Program Personnel

Lung Cancer Screening (LCS) programs listed in the LCS Locator Tool must be one of the following:

How to Use the Lung Cancer Screening Locator Tool

1. To find a lung cancer screening program near you: 1) Click in the Search By box, select ZIP Code, 2) In the ZIP Code box, enter your ZIP Code, 3) In the Within box, select your preferred travel distance, 4) Click the Find Locations button to create the list.

The list will include an address and telephone number for the lung cancer screening programs available within the distance you select. Call the telephone number for the location you select to schedule an appointment.

Dark blue markers indicate ACR Designated Lung Cancer Screening Centers™ that exceed basic equipment, personnel, and imaging performance requirements for providing lung cancer screening services.

2. To obtain a statewide listing of lung cancer screening programs: 1) Click in the Search By box, select State, 2) In the State box, select a state, and 3) If you want a printout of the statewide programs, click the download icon to create a CSV file. Note: some browsers may require turning off pop-up blockers for the CSV file to download.

If your lung cancer screening center's information needs to be updated or added, please contact us.