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The MRS serves members through political activism. In recent years, the MRS executive committee has concentrated on forging and cultivating relationships with the legislature in Annapolis to advance the agenda of radiology. Self-referral has been the key area of focus.

Since its inception, the Maryland statute has faced attacks in both the legislature and the courts. The most recent decision of Maryland’s Court of Appeals reaffirmed the state’s physician self-referral law. This decision should enable the state board to enforce the law’s limits on MRIs, CTs and radiation therapy performed by self-referring physicians. This ruling represents a major victory for quality patient care.

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Gina Sirolli
1211 Cathedral St.
Baltimore, MD 21210
Phone (443) 436-1114


Stacey J Keen, MD, FACR


Omer A Awan, MD

Vice President

Matthew Lee Snyder, MD


Nancy N Yue, MD


Frederic Kevin Javad Yeganeh, MD

Immediate Past President

Gina Sirolli



Robert M Abbott, MD, FACR

Councilor 2nd Term

Cristina Irene Campassi, MD

Councilor 1st Term

Sachin Krishnakant Gujar, MB, BS

Councilor 1st Term

Stacey J Keen, MD, FACR

Councilor 2nd Term

Robert Patrick Liddell, MD

Councilor 2nd Term

Loralie Dawn Ma, MD, PhD, FACR

Councilor 2nd Term

Frederic Kevin Javad Yeganeh, MD

Councilor 2nd Term

Alternate Councilors

Albert L Blumberg, MD, FACR

Alternate Councilor

Lisa A Mullen, MD

Alternate Councilor

Javad Azadi, MD

Young Physician Alternate Councilor

Chapter Awards

Division D
Award for Excellence in Quality and Safety
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