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Volunteer to serve on an ACR committee or subcommittee, get involved with your state chapter, and more.

The YPS is dedicated to facilitating active and meaningful participation by YPS members, empowering members to be involved in state radiology societies, amplifying the voice of YPS members within the ACR, and fostering the development of YPS leaders within the College.


YPS Webinar Events

Upcoming Events:

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Previous YPS Webinar Events:

YPS-RLI: Practice Leadership During COVID-19

September 15, 2020 | 7PM ET

Moderators: Andy Moriarity, MD; Frank J. Lexa, MD, MBA, FACR

Panelists: Melissa Chen, MD; Kurt Schoppe, MD; Daniel Ortiz, MD


YPS-RFS-AAWR Webinar: Job Hunting During an Economic Crisis

September 14, 2020 | 8PM ET

Moderators: Amy Patel, MD

Panelists: Jonathan Flug, MD; Anna Lee, MD; Marielia Gerena, MD; Lauren Golding, MD; Neel Madan, MD


YPS-Radiology Chicks Book Club: "Medical Apartheid"

August 25, 2020

Moderators: Taj Kattapuram, MD; Agnes Solberg, MD


YPS-RadiologyChicks Book Club: "Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women "

October 29, 2019

Moderators: Taj Kattapuram, MD; Agnes Solberg, MD

Panelists: David Smith, PhD - author, Tirath Patel, MD

Run for the YPS Executive Committee

The YPS Executive Committee is looking for dedicated young professional volunteers to serve each year. 

Candidates must be a member of the section, and provide a recorded speech for candidacy. Each member of the YPS Executive Committee will serve a one-year term with the ability to renew their term for a total of 2 years.

Check back in spring of 2021 for information regarding the 2021-2022 YPS Call for Nominations.

Serve on an ACR Commission or Committee

One goal of the YPS executive committee is to have YPS representation across the College's commissions and committees.

Get involved with ACR commissions and committees »

Be Active in Your State Chapter

ACR chapters serve as a pathway to service at the national level and provide a variety of opportunities to get engaged at the state level. Every chapter receives a slot for an alternate councilor earmarked for a young or early-career physician.

View a list of all chapters to identify your local contacts.

Radiology Advocacy Network

The Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN) is a group of radiologists across the country dedicated to ensuring that radiology’s voice is heard at the local and federal levels.

Serve as a liaison to educate your peers about advocacy issues and to inform ACR about upcoming local issues.

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