Webinar | Contract Review and Salary Data

On June 6, 2023, ACR® hosted a webinar for its affinity partner, Resolve. This informative and interactive session, led by Kyle Claussen, JD, Chief Executive Officer of Resolve, discussed needs related to negotiations when offering or accepting an employment contract.

Review this webinar recording to increase your awareness on the following employment concerns:

  • Learn which terms to look for in your employment contract and which terms you may want to avoid.
  • Understand best practices for negotiating and how to gain leverage to make changes happen.
  • Find out where to access salary data for your specialty and location, so you understand fair market value and know your worth. 

View the Webinar

Resolve contract review services and salary data informationTake control of your career with Resolve’s employment contract review services and salary data. With Resolve, you receive data and expertise when you need it. Check out their packages that include the following:

Contract Review

  • Personalized help from vetted attorneys when reviewing and negotiating contracts.
  • Attorney negotiations included in most plans.
  • Expedited review available.
  • Attorneys who specialize in physician contracts.
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Free Salary Tools

  • Free Live Physician Salary Data: View verified physician salaries in your subspecialty and region.
  • Crowdsourcing: Anonymously submit your own salary and other contract data to help other physicians better understand what they should be earning.
  • Contract Scorecard: Compare your contract against market data for your specialty.

Call: 877-758-3318 from 8am-6pm EST. Leave a voicemail and we will connect the next business day.

Email: Melissa Knipp, the ACR Resolve liaison:


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Salary by Location

Select your radiology specialty to gain base salary and signing bonus trends. Review proprietary data from thousands of contract submissions.

Resolve rData — Resolve's proprietary data from thousands of contract submissions. Explore on the Resolve rData homepage.

Competitive Compensation

Select your radiology specialty and enter your total compensation. View your rating if currently satisfactory, average or needs negotiating.

Resolve Contract Scorecard — See how your contract stacks up against market data for your specialty. Explore on the Resolve Contract Scorecard homepage.


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