James M. Moorefield, MD, Fellowship in Economics & Health Policy

The James M. Moorefield, MD, Economics Fellowship, sponsored by the ACR Economics & Health Policy Department, provides radiology residents direct exposure to the College's economics activities. The department is responsible for all ACR activities involving reimbursement and health policy issues that affect the practice of radiology, radiation oncology, interventional radiology and medical physics.

The fellowship is a two-week program that is available to third- and fourth-year residents and fellows. We will consider second year residents if they become third year residents before the selection process is complete. At the time of submission of the application, you must be at least a second-year resident.

The time of the two-week fellowship will be arranged with the fellow and their program director to accommodate the training schedule. The first week of the Fellowship will be in-person at the ACR in Reston, VA and the second week will be virtual. The ACR requires all visitors to be up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations including boosters. The fellow’s travel and living expenses during the fellowship will be paid by the ACR.

How to Apply

Applications for the 2023 James M. Moorefield Fellowship are closed. The 2024 applications will resume in Fall 2023.

For questions about this fellowship, please contact:

Brittney Spitz
(800) 227-5463 ,ext. 4969

Responsibilities of the Fellow

The time of the two-week fellowship will be scheduled with the fellow and their program director to accommodate schedules. The fellow will receive a $500 stipend after completing the fellowship. Travel and living expenses during the fellowship will be paid by the ACR.

Tasks may be assigned to the fellow; and the fellow may be asked, when appropriate, to assume work duties that will contribute to the department.

The fellow also may participate in experiences outside the ACR office to get exposure to other types of economic and health policy operations.

Fellow Selection

The ACR Economic Fellowship review committee will select a candidate and will notify applicants of the decision.

Past Fellows

2019 - Erin Taylor, MD
2019 - Ronald Mercer, MD
2018 - Emir S. Sandhu, MD
2018 - Cindy Yuan, MD
2017 - Michael Booker, MD
2017 - Magda Rizer, DO
2016 - Naiim Ali, MD
2016 - Andew J. Degnan, MD
2015 - Alexander B. King, MD
2015 - Colin Segovis, MD, PhD
2014 - Margaret Fleming, MD
2013 - Lukasz S. Babiarz, MD
2013 - Ashley K. Lotfipour, MD
2012 - Arvin Bagherpour, MD
2012 - Ammar Sarwar, MD
2011 - Kurt Schoppe, MD
2011 - Stephen Chang, MD
2010 - Sheela Agarwal, MD
2009 - Amy Kao, MD
2008 - Scott Harrison Ambruster, MD
2008 - Linda Chan, MD
2008 - Franklin Liu, MD
2007 - Charles Bowkley, MD
2007 - Dawn Hastreiter, MD
2007 - Adam Talenfield, MD
2006 - Bryan Berkey, MD
2006 - Joshua L. Rosenbrook, MD
2006 - Michael H. Wittner, MD
2005 - W. Shawn Conwell, MD
2005 - Jonathan Paul Gordon, MD
2005 - Felix Lee Lin, MD
2004 - Alexandru C. Bageac, MD
2004 - Jeremy L. Friese, MD
2004 - Ryan K. Lee, MD
2003 - Sanjay K. Shetty, MD
2003 - Timothy A. Crummy, MD